How To Make A Simple Outdoor Screen

one of the biggest problems with landscaping in modern backyards is that there tend to be very small and your neighbor is invariably right on top of you my backyard is no difference you can see my fence there and just on the other side is my neighbor's house so in order to break up that distance and give me a bit of privacy I'm going to run some screening across there just to add a bit of a separation between the two of us now some of this really importance is to seal the in green on this timber use up pressure-treated boards so they'll do right by themselves but if you can get some paint or some sealer onto the end grain you might as well and it's going to make it last just a little bit longer one of the nice things about this type of standards that you can keep painting it's an or get darker and darker until you're happy with the finish so I could essentially stop here and this would be the color put a clear coat on and that's that the only problem with this finish at this stage though is that there's still a hint of the green treatment coming through so I'm probably going to give it one more coat and then do the clear on top of that and that'll here go the distance of these posts for the pergola are roughly 2.4 meters on center what that means is that from the center of this post is the center of this is around 2.4 meters to attest is getting to the post I'm going to be using screws and that means after pre-drill holes instead timber to make sure it doesn't split as the screw goes through Siddhartha said I'm going to use a combination square and do 20 millimeters for each edge to help speed things up and make sure that I don't make any stupid mistakes while measuring I cut some 30 millimeter blocks that I would use as spaces between the decking boards then I started attaching the decking boards to the pergola and this is one of those moments where I wish I'd either had a second pair of hands or some quick clamps because doing this with normal f-style clamps were so tedious because I'd have to go back and forth adjusting each one while trying to hold the decking board up at the same time but after that I got into the groove and then it was just a case of repeating it over and over again as I got to the lowest left who has made a little bit easier because now I could use my head to hold the border at the end of each section I would paint the end grain where I'd cut the boards to length now to attach a bit of a supports I'm going to run this piece vertically through the center of all the slats and that's it the screens are finished all this left is to paint the backside so that the neighbors have a better view and then we can call this job done so that's how you install simple screens if I can you can thanks so much for watching if you enjoyed this video please go ahead and click their thumbs up button and if you haven't already I would love for you to subscribe thanks again and I'll talk to you guys soon

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