How To Make A Quality “Hang-On” Treestand for Under $25

what's up outdoor so recently I decided I wanted to build some more tree stands and would with the fool ladder on it and I just decided I wanted to hang on style so I was on YouTube looking around see if there's any tutorials and I noticed there really aren't any on there and the one video there is it's not really instructional it just kind of shows you how he put it together there's a few steel ones as well but you know no steps to doing it so I'm going to go ahead and give you guys the dimensions of the wood I use this is all prime cut treated lumber it's about 367 a board and they're in 8-foot boards but before I give you the dimension there's a look at the finished product you okay so now look at the measurements starting off here to my left we're going to need for sixty inch pieces to 22 inch pieces a 16 inch piece with a 45 on each side two more 16 inch pieces however these 16 is they're going to have one 45 on one other sides two eight a quarter inch pieces with a forty five on one side nine inch piece to twelve inch pieces to five and a quarter one six-and-a-half with a forty five on each side a seventeen and a half with a forty five on each side lastly is the back of the stand this is going to have your seat foot rests on it it's going to be thirty four inches long now that you have all the measurements we're gonna go ahead and start putting together step by step okay to start out we're going to need our two twelve inch pieces then our two five and a quarter inch pieces this is going to form the seat okay make sure that you take the five and quarter inch pieces and they're in between the two twelve inch pieces if they're in the front of them the seats going to be super narrow like that it's just going to be terrible so put on the outside like this I'm going to go ahead and pre-drill them put the screws in it form the seat and then we'll come back from there okay so now that I got my seat and everything drove together here I'm gonna go ahead and take my nine inch piece which is this one right here and we're going to just tap it right in here make it flush at the top of here because this is gonna be where you're sitting okay now that my seat is flush up against there I'm going to go ahead and drill a one screw on each side here two on the front here that'll hold that piece in good we'll go from there alright now that we got this piece screwed into the seat here there should be a little slot here we're going to go ahead and take our 34 inch back piece and we're going to slide it in here flush to the front right here this is where you're going to be sitting so you don't want that protruding at all this does need to be lined up Center if you want your stand to be precise and things like that um now for this we are going to take we're using when we talk a little hardware we're using 5/16 bolts um you need five inches in a minimum a five to six will work six will be a little bit tight up in underneath the seat here but it'll still work anyway I got a five and a half right here because they ran out of five a Home Depot we're going to take our 5/16 inch drill bit drill it through here drill through this post and then we're going to go ahead and put this bolt through here I'm using washers on each side and a nylon lock nut so I'll go ahead and get that done alright now I got that drilled and I got the nut started we're going to go ahead and tighten this up I go ahead and take a take a 5/16 socket I'll put that on one side of it then I'll take an adjustable wrench like this get lined up in there all right we've got the bolt tighten and everything we're gonna go ahead and take our square and make sure that this backrest is even with the seat okay so go in here I know that I need to pull this top over a little bit alright thoughts about good now I'll pre-drill I'll do about I'll do about two or three more screws back here just the standard three and a half inch screws I was using before if you don't do that obviously you know one bolt it's going to be turned side to side as it loosens up so we'll go ahead and throw this in there go from there alright it's time to put together our floor now I set aside the seat in the main post so to start take your two 22 inch pieces here from why and we have for these 16 inch pieces now to do this for the back this piece the 60 inch piece needs to go on the inside just like we did for the seat the longer pieces will be on the outside this will go on the inside here will screw it to the back like that now once that's in there I only have three more 16 inch pieces going across here so if you kind of put it together there's going to be pretty good-sized gaps and it will be a lot worse if you put the front one flush like that too since the front one doesn't have to hook through right here you can actually just put this one like this and start at the front like that it gives you an extra couple inches this way then you can gap them out like that so I'll go ahead and get all those drilled together and show you what it looks like okay I've now completed the base back you see the front that piece is problem there like that so it's not going across the whole front covering it then gives you more of a surface area on top of stand on oh these are decent-sized gaped here in between these two by fours however you're in your hunting boots here on the stand your foots not falling through those holes no way anyway now take our main beam here and you're going to measure down exactly 16 and 3/8 inches yes that's a very precise 16 and 3/8 all right once you have that measured you can take your platform here slide it in there I'm going to go ahead and line that up once I line this up I am going to drill one hole through the center of it and put one of those 5/16 bolts after I do that we'll be right back alrighty now as you can see this this goes side to side and that's not what you want so you go ahead take our square again go ahead and line it up there a little bit to this side good now we go ahead take and shoot three or four screws in the back of this here and now to keep it stable you all right now that we got this back here drilled on I'm gonna go ahead to the front take this little six and a half inch piece with a forty five on each side line it up in the middle here put it on I put the screws from the back going in coming up in it and you can't see the screws so they're hidden after we do that which are to have that done we're going to take this piece over here seventeen and a half and if I did all this correctly this should line up right in here perfect that'll line up right on here with your forty-five on the bottom of this seven and a half and lined up right in the top there so we'll go ahead and get that screwed in we'll go from there all righty so after we got done putting this piece on here we're gonna go ahead and take our us believe this is 1645 on each side and if you did this correctly you should line up flush on the bottom here and it should line up flush on this beam here um now this beam here it'll beam here that it's connected to you need to make sure that that's at the right length down about six inches from the top of here enough you can see that or not six inches this board up here down to the top of this 6 inches needs to line up perfectly alright so we'll go ahead and screw those together we'll go from there alrighty so I went ahead and finished up putting this on here and you take your last four pieces of wood which were they all had 45s on them the two smaller ones are eight and a quarter inches I went ahead and threw them on the front up here and I put the 16 inch ones on the back here 45 degree angles pointing in you see that see out there the 45s playing those are what's going to grab the tree now for the distance I stuck these out I always measure everything from the main beam here so the back ones are three and a half inches out from the main beam and the front ones are the problems are about three so I put about a half inch further out on the back that's going to give us just a slight micro tilt backwards and you're on the treat that just guarantees that you're not going to be slanted downward which is very uncomfortable holding yourself up there but you really won't feel the slam back I'll just feel pretty much level so now that everything is down on this we're going to go ahead and spray paint it and I'll show you how that all goes so as far as spray painting goes I start off at the base color like this it's hard to tell but once it's on the wood you'll be able to see I start off with this and I shade the entire thing every part of it with this one greenish color then I'll come over with some Browns and a little bit darker greens and blend it all together so I'll go ahead and start basically all right for the final step as you can see I already pretty much did to this one you just take a darker color or two of the spray paint and just go crossed it and make make lines to finish the camouflage job so once you do that you're pretty much done and that's it I'll go ahead and get my couple of stands together and we'll take a look all right guys these are the two stands I made in the past couple of days they didn't take me too long to make probably about an hour and a half each and they're really solid I've already tried them out in the tree and stuff and they seem like they're gonna work pretty good hold up for a lot of years and hope you guys found this tutorial helpful and you guys can make some really nice stands and get many many years of use out of thanks guys that'll steal your freedom I don't change your mind I don't have to make you love me I just want to take your time I don't wanna wreck your friend

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