How to Make a Party/Solo Cup Holder with a Marker Holder

Hi guys I'm Erick welcome 
to my channel "Watch Erick"   Today we will be making this 
party cup holder with a marker The first step is cutting to the length, I will 
leave in the comment below all the materials you   will need for this
project. For this project, we will need one 1×4. I use my planner for a better surface And now we measure the cup and we figure out 
the best dimension for the cup holder I want the cup holder be tight that's mean when you're 
pulling the cup it will automatically be only one Five and a quarter and Four and a quarter and now a quicksand with 220 grid and now we use pre-stain and now it's time for this thing oh and now we use brad nails 
and glue for creating the box and now I test if the size is still correct and for the bottom of the box, I use plywood   that I have in my shop and just 
cut it to the size of the box.

and then I use three coats of polyacrylic Now using the cricut, I print the 
design I want for this cup holder and this is how it looks like and now I drill the hole for the marker and this is the final product if you like this video and you want to know more 
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you next time… Adios….

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