How To Make A Pallet Christmas Tree πŸ“ How To With Kristin

hey guys this person so in today's video
I'm gonna show you how to make this Christmas tree just using a pallet it
was a lot of fun and I really didn't use a lot of things to make it so I'm gonna
show you what I did use and how I made it for this project you will need a
pallet a circular saw a drill with a screw bit and a drill bit you also need
a hammer some exterior wood screws and interior wood screws
you also need some newspaper dark green paint and a paintbrush Christmas lights
some tacks and a red bow to start this project you will need to draw two lines
in the shape of a triangle you can either just use a ruler or a chalk box
like we're doing but you just want to start at the top and center of your
palate and then bring the line to the bottom corners now use your circular saw
and cut along the lines that you just drew don't worry about the wood on the
back because we will cut those later you also might notice that the boards are a
little bit wobbly but we are gonna screw those down so they're more secure the
next step is to flip the palette over and cut the boards on the back the main
part of your Christmas tree is complete and you'll want to pull that apart so
all you're left with is the two end pieces which we will be using later now
start using your exterior wood screws to drill in two screws into each board this
will make it a lot more stable so that the boards won't move around any more
now we're gonna take one of those corner pieces that was left over after you cut
your Christmas tree and you pretty much want to strip it down to the post so get
rid of all the boards on the front and the back of that center post you're
gonna want to measure out 4 9 inch pieces of wood and then cut those with
your circular saw this is gonna be used for the base of the tree using your
hammer kind of wedge the wood into the base and then hammer it in really close
you really only want it sticking out about 4 to 5 inches once the holes are
pre-drilled you can screw in two wood screws per side next take the last two 9
inch pieces of wood and place them on the bottom of your stand this will make
the whole tree a lot more sturdy you'll use two wood screws to attach each
now comes the fun part where you get to paint and decorate the tree you'll want
to lie down some newspaper and then using some dark green exterior paint
paint on a pretty thick coat to the front of your tree I also recommend that
you buy a new paint brush from Home Depot or something and a really cheap
one because this wood is extremely rough and it will destroy your paint brush
once you're done painting the front you may notice that you can see some of the
slats in the back so you can either just leave it like that if you'd like that
look or you can go in and paint the center post and the pieces of wood on
the back just make sure that you also get the sides and the tops of each of
the slats of wood the next thing to do is to string your lights so what I'm
doing is starting at the top and I'm kind of Criss crossing going back and
forth along so I'm not wrapping it around I'm just going down one piece of
wood across and then down kind of making a zigzag as I go all the way down as
long as you pull it snug and you get it caught on the corner they won't move or
fall off before you're finished with the lights you'll want to grab some tacks
and tack down the connection at the top of the christmas-light as well as the
bottom so that everything stays intact and doesn't fall off and that's pretty
much it you can leave your tree bare like this if you want or what I did is I
took a red bow and just tied it to the light string at the top of my tree just
to give it a little pop of color alright guys so that's it for today's video I
hope you liked it and if you did make sure you give me a thumbs up and
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