How to Make a Mortise Jig for a Plunge Router

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have a link in the description below I start   by ripping two strips of wood at three-eighths 
of an inch these are for the outside of the jig then I'll hold the two strips together on 
top of the workpiece and take a measurement   this measurement is for the center 
of the jig and that's my neck strip now take the part for the center and 
crosscut it at 1 inch and 5 inches now I'll attach the parts back together keeping 
the 1 inch block flush at the end and attaching   the centerpiece at the 5 inch mark this will 
create a 4 inch gap in the center of the jig   the next step is to make the shoulders of the 
jig for this part I'm using half inch plywood   I'll attach the plywood shoulders to the center 
of the jig with wood glue and 18 gauge inch and   1/4 nails I cut the shoulders of the jig a little 
long and I'll attach them a few inches beyond the   front of the jig this will provide additional 
support for the router while I'm making the cut I'll clamp the jig in place keeping the front 
of the jig flush with the top of the leg before   we cut the mortise let's take a quick look at 
the router bit and the router setup this is   called a stagger tooth plunge cutting bit this 
one's made by amount of tools and I'll have a   link to it in the description below it's got 
a half inch shank and this bit measures four   and a half inches long the collet in the plunge 
router is a three-quarter inch collet I've never   had a router bit break on me but I have heard 
that it can happen so here I'm using a piece   of half-inch MDF as a little precaution 
to make the cut I'll plunge down 1/4 to   3/8 of an inch at a time and periodically 
clean out the mortise with the air Chuck okay so this is a pretty simple jig to make and 
it works great the project that I'm working on is   a table I guess this is a pretty modern design I 
did post a video to my second channel shoptalk if   you want to know more about this model one thing 
I didn't mention in that video is the model is   made of white oak and the scale is 1/8 of an 
inch equals one inch these are the legs I'll   just show you what they look like now because 
they're pretty close to being done so this is   one of the 4 legs the table is mainly being 
built with lap joints and mortise and tenon   and this video should be done in about two weeks 
the next step is to get to work on the tabletop   so if you're not subscribed I hope that you'll hit 
that subscribe button and the notification valve   and then you'll know when that video is posted 
as always thanks for tuning in and I'll see you   next time before you start your next project 
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