How To Make A Monitor Stand / Riser By Bending Wood At Home!!

and i was half successful i would call this one maybe 60 half of the board bent the other half as you can see did not in this video i'm going to show you how you can bend wood using your mind why are you the way that you are okay maybe not using your mind but using some power tools for the people that don't know what kerf cutting is it's basically a whole bunch of lines cut to a certain depth on your piece of wood kind of like relief cuts and that's going to allow you to bend your wood without it breaking i'm sure google has a better explanation i'll probably put that somewhere on the screen um that's pretty much it i'm not just trying to bend wood i'm actually trying to make something i'm going to be making a monitor stand this monitor stands going to be roughly two feet long so i need to find the middle of my board mark out one foot in each direction and at those marks is where i'll be able to start bending the wood in [Music] for three quarter inch thick material my cuts need to be three thirty seconds of an inch apart um so that's what you're gonna see me space them out like this on my crosscut sled i have a mark to see how much i need to space it [Music] there is a website i'll link down below in the description it actually tells you how much you need to cut how the spacing needs to be and how deep the cut needs to be [Music] so 100 i do not recommend that you do this um if you don't have a steamer go ahead and put a pot on the stove with water and make sure the water is steaming and just put your piece of wood on top of that um i tried that it will work better for me but i still didn't get good results with walnut so this attempt right here is using water from the spigot and we're in december right now so the water was pretty cold um and that probably did not do as much help as i thought it would [Music] so to get my mind off of just ruining a piece of walnut i went ahead and started on the poplar i kind of did the same thing i took it to the spigot and used cold water from outside and surprisingly this actually worked probably because poplar is a lot softer than wanna [Music] oh my god okay it's happening everybody stay calm everyone what's the procedure [Music] i don't know if uh wood glue works as well when it's wet but i need to keep it wet in order to bend it so we'll find out [Music] so the popular one is pretty good um i fixed the little imperfection down here in this corner and these edges right here look kind of ugly but you can see the curve cuts so what i did is i cut down these strips of poplar they're an eighth of an inch thin and i'm just going to glue them on here and then just use a router and kind of just flush it to the shape of this so go ahead and glue these on now [Music] all right so i gave walnut another try and i was half successful i would have called this one maybe 60 half of the board bent the other half as you can see did not um i don't know if i'll be able to do this with walnut the poplar i did fine that one's good the next day [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] if you're gonna do something like this do yourself a huge favor and sand before you bend anything i learned this the hard way [Music] [Music] my [Music] [Music] [Music] hopefully i don't screw this up by going with a little mahogany here [Music] wow [Music] wow [Music] foreign [Music] after allowing the stain to dry for over 24 hours i applied a couple of layers of shellac sanding in between each coat with 220 grit sandpaper [Music] and with that last layer of shellac this project was done if you guys enjoyed the video make sure you hit that like button if you didn't like the video for some reason make sure you hit that like button also if you're not subscribed make sure you hit that subscribe button and if you are subscribed thank you [Music] so let me know what you guys think about this wood bending technique this is something you might try should i gone with a different stain i don't know just let me know down in the comment section below also i'll put links down below in the description to everything i use in this [Music] video [Music] you

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