How to Make a Mobile Backdrop Pallet Wall

(marker squeaking) (air hissing) (upbeat music) – Welcome to DIY for homeowners. – We're "Mother Daughter Projects." – I'm Steph. – I'm Vicki. – And today we're gonna
show you how we made this mobile pallet backdrop wall. And we recently, actually
made this for a event that we went to, where we were
talking about my new book. – And since we are "Mother
Daughter Projects," we decided to DIY all the
elements of the booth. – And we'll be sharing
some more of those elements in the future. And at first we thought, "Is
this something we even need "to share with our audience
because we may DIY projects "for homeowners" But then we realized, this is something you
can use inside your home and we'll give you some of those ideas at the end of the video.

– We'd like to thank The
Home Depot for sponsoring this video, so let's get started. – [Steph] First, we went on a search for the perfect pallets. We found these at a
roofing supply company. We took three, so we had one extra. Being used pallets,
they were really dirty. We made sure to wear gloves,
a mask and eye protection when we're working with the pallets. Before making any cuts, we
decided to pressure wash them to clean away the gross.

Next we cut them down to size. Here I'm using the Milwaukee
rear handle circular saw to cut the back slats off the pallet. (upbeat music) Now I'm using reciprocating saw to cut through nails
holding the slats in place. The reason I cut the slats first, was to give me more room to
get the reciprocating saw blade in place. Lastly, I cut the pallets down, as they were longer then I envisioned. We're gonna be using two by fours to support the two pallets.

And here I'm cutting 45
degree angles for the support. Here I'm testing the fit,
and more on that later. To attach the two pallets together, we're using a strap hinge. (drill buzzes)
(upbeat music) Then we folded and tested it out. It worked! Mom stained the whole pallet and sealed it with a matte polyurethane. Next, it was time to secure the top and bottom pieces together. We tried three different locks here. This was our first try. You can see it had a little bit more give on the top then we wanted. This is the lock that
we ultimately went with and it only had a very slight give. If you have any other ideas on
how to secure these together, let us know in the comments below.

Now on to the two by four support. We'll put the cut list for
the base on our website. Although we're not
engineers, so we tried this and it worked for us, but there might be
another way of doing this. We clamped a two by four to the pallet and drilled a pilot hole. And we're securing the two by fours with nuts and bolts to
make this removable. Here I'm using a Milwaukee impact wrench to attach the nuts and bolts. We repeated this process
on all the supports. For the 45 degree support, we glued it and nailed it into place. (upbeat music) We added another two by four on the back and then we laid it
down and added castors. (upbeat music) We put it upright and it didn't fall over. Next, we're making the
front poster holder. We're actually using large
paint sticks for part of this, as they were the exact
thickness we needed. I cut them to size and
tested their placement. Here you can see we're
gonna glue the paint sticks to another piece of wood, which allows a small gap for
the poster to slide into.

We glued with hot glue
construction adhesive, which has a stronger bond
then general hot glue. Now we're adding purely
decorative elements with hex bolts. Again, we're using the
Milwaukee impact wrench to attach them. Now we're placing the
poster frame with glue and clamping it into place. We raise the pallet and are gonna to use a few 18 gauge brad
nails through the back. We put the poster in place
to check the placement for the top holder. Then we repeated the same
process with more brad nails. (upbeat music) And as we said in the intro, this mobile pallet was
made for an event I went to for my book. There are multiple elements to the display which we're setting up here. And we'll be sharing the other projects in future videos. (upbeat music) – What we learned… – When I was designing
the idea for this project, I realized there's a ton of
different pallets out there. So my original idea was
different from this, but when I found this pallet, I realized that this is
exactly what I wanted but it's already made
in the form I needed.

So if you're looking to
make a pallet project, keep looking 'cause there's a lot of different pallets out there. But if your take the pallet
from behind a business, ask the business first. Because the first place we went to, those pallets were not free. So we left those and we found one that was free and they were happy for us to take them. Now you saw the video where
we built the back support. Now what you didn't see is, we added a piece of wood back there. And we did that because we thought, "Oh that's a perfect spot for storage." So when we had the booth, we stored books and
extra things back there. But now we store all the elements that actually went into our booth.

We added these poster frames so we could put a poster in here, and now you see we've
added a new poster in here. But you can actually leave those off if you just wanted the
regular look of the pallet. – But you could cut a piece
of wood this same size. You could paint it with whiteboard paint or chalkboard paint and
you have a command center. And speaking of that, there's all kinds of things
you could do with this. You could use it as a room divider. You could use it as
seasonal decor display. You could use a party and around back you could put a cooler. You can use it year round
to put it in the corner and hide all that stuff you
don't want people to see. – I'm excited to share that my memoir, "Discovering my Scars," is now available on ebook and audiobook. And it will be in bookstores
everywhere in January. So if you like pallet projects like us, please give us a big thumbs up on this project and
we'll see ya next time.

– Bye
– Bye (beep) – You could use it for one more thing, that I can't remember. Oh, you can use it…(laughs)
(beeps) – We have a lot of pallet
projects we've done in the past. You might like this one right here, where we used pallet to make a headboard. – Or this one were we
used pallet and metal pipe to make a shelf. – And mom wanted me to show you this. This is my Popsicle stick version of the pallet we just showed you. – Sometimes you just need to work in 3-D. – That's how we make our scale models. Who needs SketchUp.


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