How To Make a Layered Wood & American Flag Cross

– How you doing? I'm Matt with 731, and today we're gonna be building crosses. A layered cross, with multiple exotic woods like this, with a coin, a 10 commandments or a John three 16 gold coin, embedded in the center of it. And also this American flag, rendition of the cross, with a in valor there is hope, coin embedded in it. Let's do it, Man, I really like building things. I like creating new things that I've never done before, so if you saw the mallet build, you know that I've embedded a coin, in a mallet before, actually a 10 commandments mallet, and then also a fallen officer's mallet.

So this is very similar, except we're doing crosses, and I'm using some exotic woods that were sent to me, by working the grain hardwoods out of Bentonville Arkansas. I'll link to them down
in the description below, they've got a variety pack that you can buy, and it's all types of exotic woods. So check this dude out. So y'all know you've seen, you've had those seen these crosses that have the American
flag with the stars, the 3D, or the woods stars, glued on there, this is my rendition of that. I'm gonna show you how to build these, It's really simple, and they would probably be a good seller, for you in your local area. If you choose to sell them, or, give as gifts, whatever you wanna do with them. So let's be a good scrap
wood project as well.

So we've just got onebafour's, that's it. I just use a piece of a onebafour. Like I probably, I don't know, three, four foot long piece, that's it, and then stained at this blue, red and white, and then embedded that coin in there, this thing is sharp. You hear me? I like it, but it, I learned a lot on this one. It ain't perfect. It's far from perfect. Some of the moderate corners, aren't exactly perfect. They're close, but they're not perfect. That's okay. I'm not perfect, and that's why we have the cross because we weren't perfect, and he was. look it there. I embedded that John
three 16 coin in there, man this is a beautiful piece.

I mean like I'm proud of it, man, it's awesome to be proud of your work. This thing looks really cool. Let me show you how I build these. You'll like it. So I've got some purple heart. It's pretty and heavy. We have some Maura, or yellow heart, and then we have some bloodwood, which is kind of fitting for a cross. He gave his blood for us. So here we go. We're gonna try this, and see what happens. Shocker. There's gonna be no pocket holes in this. (upbeat dramatic music) So we're gonna half lap, this thing, and so that the cross fits together, such as this.

And so we're gonna cut
a notch down, in this, using my table saw, with a miter gauge and a fence, and you just wanna make
sure everything's square, and don't cut too much because you want to sneak up on it, so that everything, when
it's locked together, it's flush. If it's not, then the main thing is you don't wanna go too deep because if you go too deep, then you've kinda messed this whole thing up, and you need to cut two more of these. (soft music) So you can see that, it's just a little bit, I need to cut just a little bit more, It looks like maybe a 16th. So make sure that when
you raise that blade, you're not raising it as 16th because you're gonna be taking up pieces off of each side.

(upbeat music) I got those things half lapped, I took it very slow, and made sure that those things, I snuck right up on there, so that it fits perfectly. How did I know where to put the notches at, on the cross? This is a 20 inch upright, right here. Okay. And so you're going to major down five and a half inches, and make a mark, that's the center, five and a half inches to the center, and then these boards are three quarters of an inch thick, the three eights on each side, so that you got enough to do this.

Does that make sense? So you're just gonna align the top up, with the cross-member major down five and a half, make the mark and then you'll do three eights on each side of that mark. And that puts your cross-member, where it's supposed to go. Yeah. Yeah. To not have a table saw sled, I really need one. I know I do. But just using that mallet It works pretty good. (upbeat music) so we're gonna drive fit this together, and just to see if it's gonna be laid out right, and if I've done everything right, or if I need to make some edits. This is the base, (dramatic music) I don't like it. Well, I don't like it at all. It's missing something.

(upbeat music) So if you're building one like this, this is inch in five, eight inches wide, what I just ripped it, and then we're going to cut, six of these three and an eighth inches. Let's do three and a quarter, just because we won't take, (saw blade buzzing) maybe two, four to eight. Look at that. Perfect. So we've got this piece at seven and a quarter, this piece is at three inches, these are just onebafour's, then I took a onebafour, and rip it down to an
inch and five eights, by two pieces at four and an eighth, bada Bing, bada boom, and then these are three and a quarter, by inch and five eights. So I cut that three and a quarter, that works better because all the grain is gonna be the same direction now anyway, now we just got to, what do you think? Just rip the edge off of that, that would probably better huh! That way these match this. (hip hop music) So I just use my Palm router, so this is the white side chamfer bit.

You can see it's the quarter inch shank, three eighths inch diameter. This is a very, very good bit. If you're interested. very much worth the extra price you would pay over something like the cheaper brands. These are very sharp, very easy to use, smooth as butter. So we know that this is the union of the cross, and then, so we gonna write, a B on the back of this side, and the top piece, so I know that those are
gonna be stained blue, and then starting on the bottom, we'll start with a red, or on the bottom of that red, and then W for white, or we'll just alternate red and white, all the way up. I've got this water-based stain, that I got at Sherwin Williams, quite a while ago, a couple of years probably, a year and a half or so.

This is just a white, just a coat of white water-based stain. This is just a blue, and a Navy blue MWB five one Navy blue. And then this red is a custom Crimson, and there is no color code, but red, white, and blue, I just told them I wanted
an American flag colors, when I bought those, and that's what he gave me. There is no need for a
pre-state conditioner on using water-based stains. Stuff dries in about 30 minutes or so, maybe less. It's a really fast drying stain. (upbeat music) So I've let this dry for about two hours, this piece is dry to that piece, now the wood glue.

I just took a 45 degrees chamfer bit, and chamfered this top piece, of on both sides all the way around, and so that gives a little bit of detail. So this is one of those things that I have no idea if it's gonna work. I really don't. I think the main thing is gotta be, that its gotta be exactly center. This is what we're gonna do, lets try it, see what happens really. Who's nervous. Fantastic. It's got John three 16 on there. Come on people. For God so loved the world. He only gave his only son, that whoever believes in him shall not perish, but have everlasting life. Yeah. How amazing is that? That's going to be, that makes me happy. I ain't gonna lie.

I thought it would look cool, but I didn't realize, it would look that cool. That's to be sure (upbeat music) So Total Boat sent me this, Alcyon Clear, its a very clear, gloss varnish, I've never used it before, and we'll try it on this cross. you can use code seven 31, and get you 15% off in your order. You gonna check that out? Hashtag not sponsored. Pretty thick, It's not supposed to require standing between coats, which is good.

(upbeat music) So I just got a piece of, a two 20 grit sandpaper, and I'm just going to mark the rough edges off of this, where I drilled down in there. Everything else is sanded. So it's time to hold this thing up. This is Odie's oil. If you haven't seen the mallet video, that I made that where I use the Odie's, I really like Odie's. It's a really good quality product, it smells good, it's kind of a citrusy smell, and it works well. So you just put this stuff on let it sit for about 30 minutes, and then buff it off, and so I'm just using an old tee shirt, It's actually one of miss seven 31 old tee shirt. Don't tell her (upbeat music) So I've got the Odie's oil on that thing, and man, does it make the wood, pop! Check it out. So now we're gonna embed that coin, but it's gotta be awesome. I want the John three 16 facing out. This is CA glue. This is a star Bon medium thick, in a Brown color. Now there's some accelerant that would make this dry super fast, like within a couple of seconds, if you spray it on there.

(upbeat music) so this coin is actually from relentless They sell these every year, as for fallen officers that were killed in the line of duty in battle. Hope it says on top, on the back, it has the name of every officer that had died in the line of duty in 2018. And so I've had this
coin for quite a while. It's just a remembrance, of them and the sacrifice they gave, and then the sacrifice that was gave on the cross.

(upbeat music) Yup. That was dumb. Don't cut small parts like that, I thought like a dummy, that I could take this little hole damn piece and do that. This is a poor design. And I've went and researched it, you can actually do this, but the notch needs to go all the way down to back here, with a little pad here, to help hold down. It's a whole deal. I hurt my thumb. What happened was, sneak kicked up into the saw and when it come around, it cut my thumb a little bit, nothing bad, just nick the skin. But that's what the piece of wood looks like now. Very lucky that I wasn't hurt. I knew it was done when I was cutting it.

It's one of those things where, you're like, when you
know the cut's not right, don't do it, and I went ahead and done it anyway, and so I ruined a blade. It bent one too through out there, on this blade, and so this blade is done. So actually I'll find new blade. So cut a longer piece, and then cut these smaller pieces out. So you're 45 square, 45 square, as you're using longer piece up, once it gets down about
eight inches or so, you're done. Don't be like me. That was dumb. And I knew it was dumb, and I still did it. Don't be dumb. Thank you so much for watching. Click that box right there, as a best way that you
can support this channel. Click in the box, watch the next video, click on that box, get you that big old virtual fist bump. Hey, I know you guys are asking for more build videos, we've got some coming, we are just getting
started on this channel. Lets go..

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