How To Make A Jewelry Box A Woodworking How-to

hey guys what's going on I'm John Malecki
and about a year and a half ago me and a few of my friends were out at the bar I
saw this beautiful young lady and the cliche story happened to go I grew the
courage to walk over and talk to her well fast forward a year and a half and
we've been together ever since since Sara realized that I build things for a
living she's been asking me to make her a jewelry box and with her 30th birthday
coming up I figured what a better opportunity to turn this old TV stand
into something beautiful and timeless for her so in this video I'm gonna show
you how I made the hand-cut half blind dovetails for the drawers the custom
brass pulls and I'm gonna show you how I flocked it to give it that nice velvety
smooth feel check it out so for those of you that listen to the podcast you
probably member the story where I told you I had to eat it on a client where I
built a media center and they sent it back well this is that media center and
it's made out of wenge or wenge or whatever you want to call it which is a
super expensive wood so instead of scrapping this thing and lightening on
fire we're gonna break it down and then we're gonna take the wood Re-mill it
re-glue it up and make a jewelry box out of it from doing stuff like this I'm always
trying to reference the piece itself that way I know that the measurements
are on and like things are closed there's always like a opportunity to you
know mess up a sixteenth or something so here we've got the groove cut for the
for the shelf that's the integral shelf and I'm going to just measure it to the
to the inside dimension that is this now and then cut it down instead of going
off the plan just because it might be a little bit different so I cut the joinery for the faux
top-drawer backwards and you can see the reveal here is a little bit different so
I'm gonna have to cut the entire box down and then recut the joinery so I'm just gonna stay on the inside
profile before I glue it up just so that because it makes it much easier than
when it's glued up as you all know trying to say the inside corner when
something's glued up huge pain in the butt so for a glue up like this you're
gonna definitely want to make sure you have a game plan Sam and I mocked this
thing up off-camera basically we're going to use these spring clamps to get
everything into alignment I do not have a strap clamp go figure
of all the things that I do have not one of them this is a spring clamp for
carpentry work I've used these on a few jobs few builds get a bunch of questions
about them you're interested I got links in the description for you you can check
them out I want to do some custom brass pulls what I've got here is a hunk of
brass that I bought for the same project at I tore to pieces and I printed out a
scale drawing of what I want the pole to kind of look like so we're gonna cut the
brass on the bandsaw brass is a non-ferrous metal you can use
woodworking tools on it it'll doll them up pretty quickly don't run it through
your saw stop though the power went out feel like I'm back in
my old shop so um we're gonna work by the moonlight kind of like the UM our
forefathers did give me a candle Sam some people may think that you need
power to do woodworking but fortunately for today's day and age and we got all
these cordless tools with batteries and they don't lose power so I've been
sanding this thing with a cordless sander my hands I've got a cordless
router will cut all the tongues and stuff I think we can finish this without
power pray for us why praying in our last couple videos oh and if you're like
in this content hit that subscribe button me a thumbs up hit the bell
notification too so you can see my next video got four coats of shellac on here
sanding them down between coats at 400 grit and now we're just going to apply a
little bit of finishing paste wax get it all nice and smooth and buff it all up
to the same team she was like a five dollar piece of
glass I had touched at the home store oh my god it is
oh my god I love it I love it it is so nice oh my god yeah yeah it was on sale thank you so thankfully Sara absolutely loved
this build and I loved making it on it was a huge challenge to me and I'm
really glad that she likes it if you enjoyed this building you want to see
more of my custom work I got another video queued up for you right here so if
you want to check out more from my sponsor on this build Timberland Pro
I've got a link down in the description and lastly thank you one more time for
tuning in go punch your next project in the face I'll see you on the next video

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