How to Make a Gravity Defying Picture Frame – Easy DIY Woodworking Project

hi everybody welcome back to the workshop today I'm going to build a picture frame and it's for a Rod's Woodworks calm and basically the contest is build your own picture frame and submit a picture of it and then people are going to vote to see who wins so here's my idea it's a gravity-defying picture frame and basically I did a quick sketch here I've got three pictures of me and my father that I've been willing to frame but there are three and a half inch square pictures so it's been hard to find frames for them so I'm just gonna make this one for those pictures and basically the idea is that this frame over here is gonna rest on the table while these two that are tied in with it are suspended in the air and I have quite figured out how I'm gonna do that yet obviously some sort of weight or something is gonna have to be on this one to kind of counterbalance these two up here so stick around and let's see what happens okay I've got all the pieces cut to size so let's take a look at what I've got you can see here I've cut a lot of minors and the next step I need to do is cut a rabbet on the interior backside of each frame that the picture and the glass will sit in this rabbit that's where the picture and the glass is gonna sit inside right now it's time to do some sanding all right moving this up is gonna be a little bit tricky but I think I have a method to blew this up Blue team there's a class so let's see how this works all right I think I got everything glued up where it's pretty much square or very close to it so let's let this glue dry and then we'll come back and do some final sanding and it's been shot all right now I'm going to cut the Plexiglas squares that are in the picture okay so now I've got the three pieces of Plexiglas cut out ready to go in the frame all right let's take the tape off and all right so I've got the picture frame completed I've put a couple coats of Danish oil on it I like that because they just leaves kind of a natural wood finish it's still not gravity-defying yet so my next step is to figure out how to make that part happen so let's see what I come up with in order to get it to stand up on this right-hand picture frame here I'm going to have to put counterweight on this side so that these stay up in the air and they won't tip over so here I have I already have my plexiglass cut with my pictures and just go ahead and set those in place make sure the right side up that's important all right for these two pictures that are gonna be suspended in the air I want to use something lightweight so I've cut some cardboard and folded it over and taped it so that's gonna be the backer for the picture so it holds the picture of place the heaviest thing I could find were fishing sinkers so what I've done is I've taken a ziplock bag and put fishing sinkers in there and I folded up the bag cut off the excess and taped it closed and made kind of a triangle shape and the reason for that is in order for the two pictures over here to stay suspended in the air the way at least a shift over to this side of the picture frame and I kind of feel like since this is kind of the pivot point right here that all the weight should be from this diagonal point back if I'm afraid if I get some weight up here it might help it tip over that way so what I've tried to do is do it triangle of wait right here and that's where the fishing sinkers come in so I'm going to slide that into place it's kind of hard to get into a triangle shape but it just takes some finagling to make it fit in the picture frame I know it would be flat so that when I put on my backer board it'll lay flat so obviously here I don't need the cardboard backing because the sinkers are going to take up the space within the frame but I do need a small triangle of cardboard that will fit right in there and there we go and that's how that's done all the counterweights is on this side so hopefully once I get all this together it will sit perfectly on this frame and these will be up in the air so the next thing I've done is the backer board I don't want to add any more weight than possible so what I've done is I've cut a backer board out of cardboard this is a picture frame it's gonna be sitting on a table or a desk or something so it's not gonna get much abuse so I think this cardboard is just gonna hold everything in place and that's all I really need so I'm going to place this cardboard on the back and I have already pre gelled four screws around the frame and I just kind of took a pencil and put holes for this pre-drilled holes are and I am just gonna use screws and screw down the cardboard all right I've got it all screwed down the back is on let's clean off the front and I can tell that the side is heavier because it's got the weight in there so let's see if it stands up nice you you

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