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Welcome Back Today I'm going to give Lay the rest and I'm going to Make a Kentucky stick Chair dear Friend of my wife's Nephew Tim he Passed away And he Used to Make These are some Pictures of [some] Custom ones That he used to do and the Set They Have Needed Some Repairs so I figured While I was Repairing Theirs I would Make one and to show you how to do it let's go Ahead and Get Started the Woodshop is Sponsored by chef our Kids Easy Wood tools and Viewers like you Okay, here's The chair I'll give you the measurements as they go Along Through the Video but I'll Also put Them Down Below in [The] Description in case you want to check that out So it's Just a great design [you're] Fucked up during the winter for Storage it's nice They're Really Comfortable to sit in he did it did a great Job on it what I Reason I have is I need to Fix this [little] Spot little Stop Block here One Over There fell off so i'm Gonna Fix This Figure why I had it all I'll Make one I Just Ran [to] Home [Story] [Picked] up everything it was $45 but I'm Gonna have some scraps [Leftover] in case.

I want to Make Make two Of Them so it was yeah right at 45 Bucks – The Dollar 28 for the Payday Bar So come on I have my Cup List here Move Ahead and Start Cutting everything up on the table saw I Have all my parts cut These are the front legs There are 40 inches Long Two of Those I have eleven Six inch pieces This Is for the Transition on the Seat I have eight twelve inch pieces this Is for the Main Main Seat and Eight for the back and These are These are [twelve] inches and These are Twenty seven and a half and These are the rear legs I rip them Down on the table saw and [They're] [1] Inch Thick Just like everything Else These are all they're all 1 inch Thick and These are aged and [1/2] So what I'm going to do Now is because the lumber Was was Rounded over on one Side and I rethought it on the on the table saw it? Cut a sharp Edge on it I'm going to Take a quarter inch Roundover bit on my Router and Round Over All the rest of the rest of the Sides and Clean it all up and then I'll set up some Stop Blocks on my drill [Press] and drill all the holes I set up a stop block here Most of the holes are Three Quarters of an inch in From the end so I'll go ahead and Take [Care] of all Those first and then Draw the Oddball Ones On that 12 inch pieces They Come in 3/4 on One end and Then on the other end They Come in Two and A eighth So I have that set up with the stop block so i'm going to drill all of Those And then for the 240 inch pieces all I did was Take [the] 27 and a half Line it Up and Come in Here and Stuck all Down Through There Marked it and Then Drill out for Those There's Just two of them so i didn't Set a stop Block Up for anything Okay, [i] just drove my last two holes and They're Going to be in the back legs here so all I did was just stick It all Down in There and This is the 12 12 inch Pieces and I just just Marked it like that and then meant drill the hole out so these are the back legs and I was looking at some of his other Designs And Where he Left These a little bit Thicker [I] put the Knot Down here so i could get Rid of it Would cut it when I cut them out So i came in About two inches Just to Beef it up a little bit The one I have it looks like it's about About Maybe an inch or so But you Can Kind of do Whatever you want in Here Because it doesn't Affect how the chair Center Folds up or Anything so just Kind of you Can leave it like that and it Would Still Still Work But I'm Gonna go Ahead and Just Kind of give it a little little wave Shape or something in and Then Duplicate it, We put Them on the oscillating Sander and Clean it Up and then I'll have to run it [Through] the round over bit Real Quick but so I'm Gonna go [Ahead] [and] Trace something out what yet Though That's Just Double-Sided Tape okay, i'm going to run a sander [over] real Quick get Rid of the Incline and Then There Have a little bit of a ridge When i sliced it in Half This One's Good but This, one Has a little a little Ridge There so i'm going to Clean that Up and then run it Through the Router Again and Clean Up the the Edge With the [Router] [for] [bit] off Okay, i'm going to start [Assembling] [I] [turned] them Selves that nice spaces, we're out I'm [Just] going to feed the Rock Through There Okay, i'm going to cut the Audio out of here Because it's Just Screeching but this is the fastest and Easiest way to get These Things in so Just Hook that Thread To your Drill and run it Through Oh, [doesn't] [get] Any Easier Okay, all I have Left to do here is the little Stop blocks And they go just right in There There he has [Them] ten inches From the Back here so I'm just going to go ahead and this was a Scrap I'm going to cut it in Half [and] [put] one on side Here I'm going to use armored seal by general finish's for that Finish at the Oil and Urethane Topcoat so I Probably Should [Have] Done This before but I Wanted To Make sure it all went Together Well and i Didn't want to pull it back Apart but Yeah Definitely next one go Ahead and Finish you There We go I'll put the cut List in The Description too it's a pretty Simple Project it Can Be Easily be done in a day I had to split it up because I know the things Going on but Easy Easily Done Today this One's a little bit Short for me so i'm going to Make One for [Myself] That's about 6 Or 8 [inches] Taller and I think you Can even Customize the width on it a little bit Maybe put in A third rear Leg Here and Just you need to Make a couple more of These but I think I think [you] Can Adjust them like that I really like the Way Tim did the Alternating Colors on it on Once he did There's Just Really Two things to Keep in mind with with it in that Is Make sure that the holes Are Drilled all the Same so set up a stop [Block] and [A] [fence] With your drill Press That will save you big Headache and the other one Is Don't Try and Feed These Threaded Rod Through by [Hand] [Just] hook it up to the drill and They Feed right Through I got this one in okay went Through Went Through Easy Because They Were Spread Apart as soon as you spread them apart is a giant Pain so hope the drill Up and it was select but it was A fun Project and I want to dedicate the Video to Tim [Dual] and if This is your first Time here a new Project Video Every [Friday] hope to see you There Alright Take Care you you

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