How To Make A Floating Wine Bottle Holder From Wood

today we are going to be making this
floating wine bottle holder alright I'm just gonna use this piece of
wood that I found in my scrap bin I'm gonna measure it and rip it on the table
saw down to the desired size that I want it to be I'm just gonna use a planer to remove
the blade marks that the table saw blade created I will be cutting the two edges at a
45-degree angle I'm taking my time and slowly making this cut because I don't
want the wood to split the two 45-degree angles they're supposed to be parallel
to each other I measured the distance from the top
where I want to make the hole then I use my Center ruler to find the center of
the wood I put a piece of wood below to reduce the chance of a tear out then I
carefully drilled a hole with my force in a bit I'm using this clamp to work
bench method because I do not have a router table
I used the router to round over the edges of the circuit then I use my orbit sander to smooth the
flat surface and remove the pencil marks I carefully hand sanded the corners and
the edges to remove the sharpness i sanded the 45-degree angle cuts with a
block of wood and 220 grit sandpaper after all this Sanding was done it was
time to apply this thing I applied one coat of Jacobean stain and let it dry
after a dried I applied one coat of Danish Oil alright so the way how this works you
have to set the bottle cap inside the hole and find the valence in spot once
you find a balance in spot it should stay in place and won't move all right
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