How to make a drying chamber

Hello and welcome to today’s video, where
I’m going to show you how I made my drying chamber. And you need a drying chamber when using oil
varnish, like the varnish assortment 1 from Joha which is the sponsor of today’s video. But first we have to do some shopping. In the do-it-yourself shop you can ask them
to cut the wood and they cut it very precisely on measurement. So, shopping is almost ready, unfortunately
they didn’t have everything, so I have to go also to another shop. Here we are, shopping is ready… I bought six parts of wood for the six sides
of the chamber, a so called piano hinge which is not a new one, I had already one so I didn’t
have to buy this one, the same for the net, the same for the aluminum foil, I bought
some glue, a ventilator, a mirror ball motor, a switch, I had a power supply, and a plug
and some other small parts… OK! Now I have to put everything again in the
box… the only part that I’m still missing is the UV lamp, I ordered it this morning,
it will be here by the time this video is almost finished, anyway, I have to say that
you have to be very very careful, the light that has to go in the chamber is UV-C light
which is very dangerous for your eyes and also a bit for your skin read the disclaimer
that I put in the description and be very careful also with the tinkering of electricity,
part of the chamber will work on 220 Volt in Europe or 110 Volt in the US, be careful
not to kill yourself.

I will start with the back side which is the
smallest, it’s this one, lets put the rest away. At the back side I want to put ventilation,
this part, and this will blow fresh air into the chamber, for two reasons: the first one
is to cool it a bit down, as it is closed and the lamp will be on for several hours
it might get a bit hotter, and second is that the flow of oxygen helps the oil varnish to dry.

So what I have to do first is to cut a hole in
the back and I will also make wooden sides where I’m going to fix some kind of filter,
I’m just going to use some cloth and this net. This net! Always use protection for your eyes and ears. Now the ventilator can go inside, but I won’t
put it on its place, firstly I will glue at the inner side now of the chamber aluminum
foil, which is going to help reflecting the light of the lamp towards all the sides of
the instrument. As you can understand this has to dry so I
will have to leave it for a little while and in the mean time I would like to tell you
something about our sponsor and their oil varnish.

When you order the Varnish Assortment from
Joha, you will receive this box where you can find everything you need to varnish your
violin or cello. And when I say everything, I mean everything! From the sandpaper to finish your instrument,
until the High Gloss Cleaning Polish to give the finishing touch to the varnished instrument,
including also a brush and a sponge to apply the various products. You can order the set in various colours,
from yellowish and amber, until red-brown or brown.

Although this is an oil varnish you don’t
need a drying chamber to use it. In the box you will also find instructions
on how to use it and these are in English or in German. As soon as this video is finished I am going
to start making a review of this varnish, I have got a guinea pig violin where I can try everything,
this video will be up next month I hope, SUBSCRIBE so you wont miss it and don’t forget to
have a look on the website of Hammerl for more information about this set and the other
ones that you can get.

As you see the aluminum foil is glued now
at the inner part of all the pieces of wood so now I can start mounting all the equipment
like the motor, the ventilator, the switch, and the light. We will start with the motor, which is a very
simple mirror ball motor, not so expensive, they do 3 RPM which is more than enough. To make the hanger for the motor, to hang
the instrument in the chamber I will use 12mm plywood and I will cut it like that. Now I can attach the motor on the top part
of the chamber. On the tope side of the chamber I’m also
going to mount this switch which is going to control if the door is open or closed,
when you open the door the light goes off and you don’t have any damage to your eyes. Be very careful with the UV-C light don’t
forget also to read the disclaimer that I have put in the description.

The top side of the chamber is almost ready,
the last thing that I want to do is to put these reinforcement pieces of wood, close
to the edges where the other sides are going to be fixed. The top is done, I will put it away now, and
we are going to work now on the left side. At the left side I’m going to fix the lamp,
it will be fixed here, a bit like that and I also have to fix the cable that is going
to the switch. Now I want to run the wire from the switch
on the top to the light on the side but to be able to measure and cut the wire at the
correct length I will fix the top to the side.

For the time being it’s OK like that I still
have to put another wire from the lamp to the outer part of the chamber where the plug
will be but first I want to glue the backside on its place. Three sides are already on their place and now
I can glue the right side on its place and then the bottom. As you see the chamber is ready, I used an
old cello peg to make a nob, and at the inner part I also put a magnet to keep the door
closed, and now I can finish the wiring and then we are done! For the lamp I already had made the first
part of the cable, from the lamp to the switch, now I have to use this part to go from the
lamp to the plug.

And finally I can solder the power supply
to the ventilator, put the ventilator on its place and then put the filter over it. I will use this net and this piece of cloth
to make the filter and I will nail it in place with staples. And now I can put all the plugs from the light,
the motor and the ventilator to this one so I need only one plug to use it. After some hours of work, the chamber is ready,
you can hear it working, a little bit, but I will show you. As you see the motor is turning and the ventilator
is working and now I’ve put a lamp inside, just a normal one so I can show you and I
don’t get blind, but if I close the door and push the switch the light goes on and
as soon as the door opens the light goes off again.

As I said during the promotion I will use
the chamber with the varnish of the sponsor, of Hammerl, with a guinea pig violin that
I have got to review the varnish and also to see how effective the chamber is. So don’t forget to subscribe, I think that
I will put the review next month if I have time enough otherwise a month later don’t
forget to subscribe, like if you liked this video and I will see you next time again. Bye bye!.

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