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hey I'm Bob and I like to make stuff today we're gonna make a catapult no big thanks to you guys you help this channel hit 2 million subscribers which is awesome so we were gonna celebrate and I asked my kids what we should do and they said we should make a catapult so with very little planning I went and bought some hardware and some two by fours we're gonna figure it out let's do it alright picked up some random stuff I'm not gonna use it all probably but I think we're also going to use the bucket which would be kind of cool first we got to cut down some of these two by fours down into some sizes and start to build a frame I'm gonna do that and then we're gonna cut down one in half just to make the uprights and then make some diagonals [Music] and there's gonna be a lot of force going back and forth on this thing so we're gonna put in a diagonal here and one there just to reinforce it I'm just using these tie straps to kind of put everything together because it's strong and it's quick we may have some problems with strength but we'll figure that out when we get to it just going to take the off cut from that center piece and put a 45 degree angle on each end of it so it should fit right in there [Music] so while I was at the store I just thought about the kind of shape of this whole thing and I thought about the quickest possible and cheapest way to attach these pieces so that I didn't have to worry about joinery or pocket holes or any of that stuff and these tie straps are often used in construction or like making decks they're just quick and strong and they're not gonna work in cutting the load in every direction but they should work pretty well for this particular use probably got one side of the frame done now I just have to make a duplicate there you go now just got to connect them together to connect these together I got this piece of threaded rod I'm going to use this as the kind of pivot for the arm so this is kind of the maximum that these pieces can be apart from each other and I think that'll be alright I'm going to cut down some two by fours they kind of match this length to tie the bottoms together again for this project I was going for quick and dirty I got some long wood screws to drive in through the outside of the frame into the 2×4 pieces in the middle this is going into the end grain so it's not super strong it probably won't last forever but it really doesn't need to after I got the two frames connected I figured out where to put the hole to drive in the threaded rod this is gonna act as my axle and the whole arm is gonna pivot over this point after I got that rod in place I laid the arm on top of it and then stood it up to figure out where it needed to pivot and by the way this arm is just an aluminum channel that I happen to have I have no idea where it came from I chose it because it would be lighter than a 2×4 but pretty strong due to its shape I drill that holes in this big enough for the threaded rod to go through and the arm was a little bit too long so I put it in place marked the excess and trimmed it with a cut off wheel I cut off this threaded rod so it fits in between these two pieces of wood so we're gonna thread it through the arm and keep it captive with a couple of nuts and then put on some two-by-four pieces on the outside to keep that rod from being able to slide in and out [Music] the bottom of the frames were connected but the top was a little bit loose so I temporarily added a support to lock them together the frames all connected up and the arm is in place and ready to move so we're gonna do some tests because I've really have no idea how this is going to go we're gonna run a screw through this arm into a piece of dowel and then that gives us a place to hook the rubber hose around so we can clamp it up there run it around here and do some tests to see how it works I got a roll of surgical tubing you can get this pretty much anywhere it's really stretchy and really cheap [Music] all right I don't know I think I think it'll work tests actually work pretty well but this thing hits this cross piece and that's gonna be bad for that long-term it's not gonna survive it's gonna end up bending I think if it slams into that so I'm gonna take this off and try to figure out a way to reinforce both of these side pieces so that they're strong enough and this is fully open for that piece to just follow all the way down we realized that the plates were actually on the inside and the outside they both need to be on the outside because that plate will hold it together out here and then the surface-to-surface contact on the two by fours is going to stop it from being able to lean in as much so we're testing the break on there to make sure that it doesn't hit the frame ready that worked pretty well I found these little locks and basically when you pull back on this piece it pulls the lock barrel in now the other side of it is supposed to be some sort of a thing that will go down and slip into instead we're going to use just a little shelf to do the same thing it's going to come down over that and lock underneath it and that will hold the whole thing in tension then you pull this piece back and it should launch the whole catapult [Music] I put really long screws in here because these are gonna be counteracting all of the tension that's gonna want to pull this thing up so when we bring it down theoretically it should lock into place and now it's captive to fire the catapult we have to pull both of these latches at the same time and we need to do it from a safe distance like way back there so we're connecting them together with a short rope and then we'll have a longer rope connected loosely to that one so that they can be pulled from really far back need to make a way for the hose to go around and hook on the back side of the arm and we're going to use a small eyelet for that since that's going to come in from the bottom I'm going to put a little scrap piece of wood in the top for it to go into [Music] I think everything's ready to put on the rubber tubing although I don't have any idea how long this piece needs to because I don't know how much it's going to stretch so I'm gonna start on the one side and weave it through and then tie it on the other side and then we'll kind of work backwards to figure out where to cut it on I've got this stuff folded over on itself and it should create enough friction to hold it in place and to keep it there I'm gonna use some zip ties see how that works [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Applause] [Music] now for the thing that actually holds our projectile I had some different ideas and actually Josh found this in the shop and this is going to work perfectly so I think we're just going to attach this to the end of the bar and to do that again we're going to use zip ties so I think we're just going to put it here drill some holes in the inside here so that we have a place to zip tie around and if that's not quite strong enough we can reinforce it with duct tape [Applause] [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Applause] so there's a lot that could go wrong with this I understand this is a semi dangerous thing so I'm not saying that you should make one of these but we wanted to make one now I don't have any idea if the tension is gonna be too much too little on this thing there's a possibility that it could fall apart and it launches there's a possibility that the locks could come loose that the rubber could rip that the 2×4 could fall apart all sorts of stuff could go wrong but I'm right now I'm just trying to lock it in and see how the tension is and that works so far all right it's time to take it outside and test it [Music] all right now this is not a whole lot of tension but we're gonna give it a shot anyway with the kind of heavy ball I don't think it's gonna do super well I think it needs to be tighter but all right and three two one it works it works but it definitely needs more power [Music] [Applause] all right this is a lot tighter this one scares me a little bit same ball test too [Applause] all right this is doubled up [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Applause] [Music] three-point shot [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Music] [Music] I want to say a big thanks to you guys for subscribing to the channel for getting us to 2 million it's amazing and I'm really grateful for each and every one of you if you're not already subscribed be sure to go ahead and do that and also we've got tons of other videos of all different types that you may be interested in be sure to check some of those out that's it for this one guys thanks for watching we'll see you next time yeah plates were on the same side and they actually need to be opposite so that when it tries to do dirt dirt dirt needs wheels

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