How to make a bench: DIY video

you may not know what this is but it is a countersink pilot bit on today I'm going to show you how to use it perfectly today we're going to make a small low-level bench for use in the garden small kids bombs anything you like really right so you've got four legs one two three four you've got two long pieces of wood and two short pieces of wood now these are short fit within this size and these are long to fit within this size okay now I'm going to pilot screw hole them screw them together and then put the lid on top as the seat part of our bench okay so this is our countersink bit this is the pilot hole for the screw to go into and this pit cuts a piece in the top so the screw fits the whole way in on to the surface of the wood my drill is set on drill not screw or hammer okay now watch this this is really the best first of all you're holding it really strong your full weight is in this arm and on the drill now that's your first one I'm not putting another one here because I don't want them not it's better if it's slightly offset because the woodwork may split so it's slightly offset okay so here right when this screw goes in and has somewhere to follow so it's not going to go that way or that way it's going to go straight down and be as strong as possible making that as strong joint if you just drill the hole without the countersunk piece what will happen is is that the surface of the wood will either be pulled in by the screw or the screw will sit proud catching little legs little fingers and just doesn't look tidy I'm now changed the bit to screw bit to basically drive the screws into the wood okay so you see there below the surface so they're not going to catch on anything and if you do decide as I say to decorate you can fill it sand it back and then nobody can see where the fixings are makes it looks at that bit more professional which is what we all want the end of the day nice so now you have the legs stopping flipping out sideways we have to stop them just going splat when you sit or put your lovely flower pots on it so I'm going to brace the legs this way with the shorter pieces of the wood that I showed you earlier with exactly the same system trickier though so these ones are going to sit underneath the ones that you've already put in so they don't interfere with the screws that are already driven into here so I'm going to put them on there and they'll be countersunk as well for the same reasons as we did there also I'm using the edge of the faces to make sure that they're square against it I'm going to do it one at a time my hands won't hold it up for that long today tada I needed one though see it wobbles let's get a better strength hold I love my magnet freely enjoying the magnet this is the trickiest part is joining it all up together without making a haines of us so you need to use all of your body get as many things not to be wobbly as possible this is started looks like a coffee table paper should bring it inside the house what we've basically done is made a basic frame and let's try and see if this works as well yay here we go lovely to be honest with you once you've mastered cutting drilling and screwing carpentry isn't an awful lot more of that it's just understanding shapes so you know the next time you're at a restaurant have a look under the table when you drop your napkin and see how they've managed to get this big long table with that loads of pieces of wood and try and work out how they've done it and use it at home I mean how do you think I learnt moves but I've robbed it off everyone like we're going to fit the lids to our frame and how we're going to do that is basically the same way although with our character sink because this is thinner we're not going to go as deep see just a little bit it didn't go in as deeply for this one I'm going to screw it in and three for that I'll go two for the short purely for the basis of keeping it on so that if somebody lifts it from either end it doesn't pop out you can measure out where you exactly want them if you want to but you know I've met the frame is there so you can feel the world underneath with your hand first of all you need it to be across in the middle the ones that have a line across which are a slotted heads it's very hard to use a drill bit with a slotted head because they slip out and you tend to damage your materials and your hand so I always use a positive drivers called the pilot works in the way that you now have somewhere for the screw to go without holding it so you can see I can actually put the screw in and the wood itself guys your screw in right so there's two in each leg to make sure you've got the strength at this end so it doesn't pop off and I'll put two in each of the other legs as well right so there you go you have a small bench for your garden now in this state it's not waterproof it needs to be filled and painted if you want to leave that side but you know it's not a hard thing to do I would challenge anybody to find difficulty really difficulty in other than sawing your hand off drilling your hand off or dropping all your screws which is why you need your magnetronic screwdriver and it's a very simple thing to make and anybody can do this

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