How to Dismantle a Pallet. The EASY Way! Two Great Techniques.

get out naka lads uncle knackers here quick question have you ever tried to pull apart a pellet try saying that fast in time have you tried to pull apart a pellet let me try to pull apart a pellet have you try to pull apart a pellet have you ever tried to pull a loss if you've ever tried to pull apart a pellet got it right that time you'll know that it's not that easy especially if you're trying to preserve the timber and you don't want to split just bashing away and leering it especially on the ends will just cause the board to split now I'm guessing that most of us don't have an actual designated pellet prior sitting around in the garage so depending on what tools you have available I'm going to show you a couple of techniques on how to remove these boards easily and finish up with a lot more usable timber now the first thing you need to know when I'm pulling apart an old pallet is that I like to work at waist height that way I'm not bending over and straining the old back and to achieve that you ought to put a pallet on a couple of sawhorses or in this case I've got the old outside table now the first technique I'm going to show you which is my favorite by the way involves a power tool called the reciprocating saw also known as a sawzall this has got a nine inch blade a twelve inch blades also good and two multi-purpose blade which means that it can be used for metal and timber and what you do with this is that you put it between the slack and their stretcher and it'll cut all those nails off releasing the board and the reason why I really like it is that you can salvage the entire length of the board and you can also retain those beautiful rustic nail holes which I love so much now I often make a feature of those old nail holes in a lot of my projects just like on this winery you can see on the ends there how those old nail holes really lend themselves to that rustic feel and I don't want to lose that and if you want to make that wine rack by the way I'll leave a link to the video in the description box below before I start cutting with a reciprocating saw I like to get an old chisel one that you don't mind digging up a little bit and driving it between the slap and the stretcher give it a couple of hits and that will create a gap between the slap and the stretcher giving that reciprocating saw a nice clean run and as always when using power tools don't forget your eye protection some earmuffs and some gloves let's do this how easy or that and that took me about one minute to do both sides with those top males cut and those slits are free do the same thing to those bottom [ __ ] all right with that cut all we have to do now is remove the stretcher too easy and do the same for the other side okay got rid of that stretcher now all stuff to do is tackle the middle with the sides now free all we need to do is remove the slack from that Center stretcher now you could get your reciprocating saw again and just cut those nails off but every now and then you might want to kick that piece of timber that stretcher mail free and to do that we need to pry this off rather than shear those nails off and to do that just grab yourself a Jimmy bar or a flat bar and drive it between the slack and the stretcher with a couple of good hits and then just pry that up and there's your board totally intact and the stretcher in the middle hasn't got any nails in it now to remove those nails just tap net with your hammer and can move the ones that you're cut off just get yourself a nail punch punch sized ear and then pull the heads that is too easy and my back is feeling great now the second technique that I'm going to show you is just as easy as the first one if not easier but there are a couple of drawbacks to it which I'll talk about later but the principle is is to cut a line right down the length of that palate just on the inside of the stretcher there with a circular saw or a jig saw so you do it to this side you do it to that side which frees these boards up and then you just pry off those Center slats I should also mention too that I've clamped this pellet down to the table so it doesn't move around now if you want to make it a bit easier you could mark a line down the inside of that stretcher all right now that the board is free we can remove it from that center stretcher so as before grab your pry bar or your flat bar drive it in and lever these slats off to easy now with this side done and the boards have boondi nail all you need to do is turn the pallet over and repeat the process now like I said before there's a downside to this method and that is that the board is now shorter than what it normally would be so if you were planning on repairing a pallet the board's going to be too short also lost the integrity of those old rusty nail holes but if that doesn't bother you then this is a great method No oh poor Oh ham I just died it is for 20 years ah y'all back up hammer so there you go two really easy ways on how to disassemble a pellet without breaking your back great tip knackers ax and thank you idea [ __ ] because I've got a really cool trick for you so here's the trick actually it's more of a technique but see that all pellet over there it's as heavy as lead and to drag that into the backyard would be absolute murder so the easiest way of found you an old heavy pellet is not to drag it but to roll it like that too easy so there you go I hope you found that video useful and if you have any other suggestions in regard to dismantling a pellet please leave a comment in the comment section below and if this is your first time to my channel welcome and please subscribe the button is just down there and don't forget to give it the old thumbs up that's always greatly appreciated alrighty I think I'm just about done here so till next time I'm out of here jeez ah just one more quick thing I forgot to mention that there are no prizes for finishing first when pulling apart a pellet so just take your time and that way you'll save your back and a hell of a lot of frustration okay see ya

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