How To Build Wooden Loading Ramps

Oh must blow fuse ok we're going to get this thing cut 
today or what let's try this again okay wild or what okay so that was to to buy 
tents by eight feet long and I just cut them   to six foot so today I'm going to be showing how 
I going to make a set of ramps now I'll be using   these to go up into my little bit of a garage 
I have my northern camp in Ontario and at the   end I'll explain why I'm making these because 
actually I had the steel ramps and all I've   done is just scavenged the ends off so I'll be 
attaching the ends to it very simple you can buy   the ends yourself at most hardware stores and 
make your own ramps just like I'm showing you   here and I've got a couple of carriage bolts to 
put in and this is a pretty simple build the only   difference I'm going to show you is a little jig 
that I make up when I'm making the center ramps   and that's just this here very simple out of a 
piece of scrap wood and this is going to go on   here like this and I'll show you how that's going 
to go and what's the purpose of it but these are   going to be quite a simple set of ramps to make 
and maybe you'd like to make a set yourself you   know for $10 a board I think they're well worth 
it now I am NOT going to treat this I'm not going   to put nothing on it I'm not gonna stain it 
I'm not gonna do nothing to it so let's get   started right now well I've got everything all 
lined up here and you can see I've got lots of   marks on there and I just grabbed an old piece 
of stock roughly around four inches and you can   see where I put the marks all the way along 
and I got my little router here and check out   the bit there that's the bit that I'm going to 
use in conjunction with this jig and you'll see   why in a second so let's get started and I'm 
using my three-legged sawhorses you could see   how it's easier to walk in between here without 
having them legs in the back and your way these   guys want I'll put a link down below you can 
make yourself a set of them sawhorses yourself   too they're very easy to make let's get to it 
right now well there you go as you can see the   setup and I just clamp it on the sides here 
and there's enough flex and a little bit of   the jig that's on the end here to clamp it to 
the sides and let's get started right now now   you want to go in the direction of your router 
bit so we'll be going in this direction here okay I'll show you another one got the idea I'm going to finish zipping these 
all off and you can see the grooves that it's   putting in there I'll finish these these all off 
and then I'll go on to putting on the ends with   the carriage bolts and you'll see the old idea 
behind this at the end so let's get to it next   up well here's the finished product right here 
and you can see you don't need to have a jig   or anything you can just put your own lines on 
there and just freehand it you don't really need   the jig I just find the jig is so much easier 
and faster for me but the reason why I've got   this particular design is because my garage my 
camp is about 24 to 30 inches off the ground and   when I go up there I leave these ramps out there 
so I can walk in and out and bring my more up and   down and the reason why I got this design here 
is if it's raining or stuff like that at least   it'll run down or just put slots going across 
they just sit in there Rock the wood out at   least this way here it'll drip down and this 
will give you some more traction so I've got   the end piece here one thing I noticed yeah 
my carriage bolts go through no problem but   problem is though when you get to the end yeah 
the carriage bolt just sits up like that so I'll   have to drill these holes out just a little 
bit bigger and then I'll bring you back and   I'll show you me just installing them and it's 
that easy this is the setup right here and I've   just got them clamped in and I had to drill 
the holes out a little bit more and they're   almost the right size for that square part to fit 
inside now if you take a real good look there you   could see and all I do is I just get one of 
these countersinks and it'll automatically   Center it so when you start drilling you know 
it doesn't go off to the side or anything so   that's very easy to do so we'll just drill these 
holes out and we're almost done okay you ready okay I'll bring it back when they're 
all finished being drilled I'll put   the carriage bolts in and we'll take them 
up on the other side well I got you zoomed   in there pretty good and you could see that 
these carriage bolt heads they just almost   will fit through the plate steel but not 
quite and that's how I like to have them   so that it'll actually grip against the sides 
not just spin on you so let's tighten these up   and let's see if it works that pulls it 
in there real nice there's another one there you go now we'll go on the other side 
beautiful there it is all the heads are all   flush well as you can see right there them 
carriage bolts are way too long and I zipped   them off and just took my grinder here 
just smooth them all off nice smooth but   I ain't gonna show you how I tease off 
the fastest way I found so let's get to   that next well this is the fastest way I 
know not using the reciprocal saw with a   nice blade on the end fine tooth metal 
cutting blade let's get to it right now there you go well there you are this is all done 
both of them are all finished and you can see here   here is the an old steel one that I have I've got 
two down here in the city and I'll tell you the   story behind how I destroyed one of them last 
year or up my camp and I pull in for the fall   hunt and got about ten inches of snow so I drove 
all the way down and just at the end of my road I   got stuck so I decided a bright idea take one of 
these ramps put it underneath the tires and guess   what they just fold it up like a pretzel they 
were just completely destroyed you know squish   straight out bent and twisted I got on stock but 
they're completely ruined now these go for about   a hundred bucks these steel ones usually and I 
won't be buying any more of them I'm going to go   strictly with this style here and you can buy the 
ends like I said these are about ten dollars each   for each board and they're so easy to make now 
will they hold the same capacity I think these   steel ones are rated like around eight hundred or 
a thousand pounds I'll tell you what I don't have   too sure if I'd want to put a thousand pounds on 
it but for me I'm gonna go with the wooden ones   from now on and with the grooves in like this yeah 
it's going to be a lot not so slippery and that's   the main thing and of course the water we're 
all dripped down and if we take one of these   and put it like this that's how they're gonna go 
like download like here now my top of my grads I   think would fit there is about another six inches 
down but that's just fine for me and I think on   a one to ten scale this is about a five project I 
think most people could tackle something like this   if you buy the end pieces it's very easy to do so 
thanks for joining me here today I hope you like   this little bit of a project on making a couple 
of wraps these guys come back again if you haven't   seen this channel before well you're welcome 
to subscribe let's have some more fun Cheers you

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