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hey everyone I'm out of white and I'm here today to show you how to build an outdoor coffee table my friend Wendy from the Home Depot will be giving me a hand today hey guys it's great to be here I'm pretty excited to build this as well it's going to be fun this coffee table is very easy project and it can add a great surface to your outdoor entertaining space and its really budget friendly too to start you'll want to gather your materials and tools together for this project you'll need 3 1 by 4 boards that are eight feet long and two 2 by 4 boards that are 8 feet long now I'm using standard X 2 your wood deck screws and in two and a half inch length and two inch galvanized nails but you could also use pocket hole screws or your favorite joinery method you'll also want to make sure you have some X to your wood glue and wood filler on hand we're going to use some basic tools for this project including a tape measure a square and some clamps and for power tools you'll need a circular saw a drill with a countersink bit and this awesome cordless nailer be sure you also have your safety gear so what do you say should we clear off this table and start building a new table let's do it I went ahead and measured and pre-cut all the boards according to the project plan cut list Thank You Wendy this is always nice to do because once everything is cut you can just jump right in and start building will start by attaching the long aprons to the shorter aprons by pre-drilling holes with the countersink bit and screwing two and a half inch exterior screws into those pre-drilled holes we're really just making a box here now let's take a second to check for square by measuring diagonally from corner to corner and adjusting so the diagonal measurements are the same now we'll apply glue and then clamp the legs to the frame and pre-drill four holes to the apron and then we'll attach the lace to the apron for two and half inch screws that completes the basic table frame now for those tabletop boards you could screw the tabletop boards down but today we're going to use this cordless nailer with 2-inch galvanized nails we'll apply glue and nail the first board down for the remaining boards we'll space them half inch apart we're using a half inch thick piece of wood to help us keep the gaps consistent wow that was quick and easy to make Anna hey thanks and thanks so much for helping me out it's always more fun to build with a friend with this plan in just a couple hours of assembly time you too could have a sturdy and very useful coffee table for your outdoor space the question is what color will you paint yours if you're looking for additional pieces check out Home Depot comm where you'll find how-to videos for the matching Adirondack chair and footstool and don't forget to download the project plan for this coffee table from Home Depot calm happy DIY

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