How to Build a Wood Arbor for Garden, Yard or Wedding : DIY Arbor Tutorial

– Hey guys. This week we have a special
week going on on the blog. It's called the "2×4
Theme Week", so any sort of structural lumber, anything
you can build with that, we are sharing. So we've gotten together with
quite a few other bloggers to share some great projects, and we have a playlist for that. So be sure to watch this
tutorial, and at the end we'll have a link to that playlist. (whooshing) (upbeat acoustic music) – Welcome back, Remodelaholics. This is Justin and today
I'm gonna show you how to build this garden arbor. My sister actually asked me
to build it for her wedding a couple years ago, and we
never put a video together for it, so today I'm gonna
show you I assembled it from cutting the pieces
out, to building the sides, to building the top, and then
assembling it all together with the corbels all in place.

Let's get to it and I'll
show you how to build it. (whooshing) (upbeat music) So for cutting out the
side trellis pieces, I actually went on the table
saw and I ripped 'em down, I ripped a board down
to 1-inch-thick pieces. So these pieces are 1 1/5
inches thick by 1 inch. So once they're all cut on
the table saw, cut to length, all the edges are sanded,
then you could assemble the side trellis piece that
goes onto the side posts. I had these one-and-a-quarter wood screws that I'm using to attach 'em. Two sides are shorter than
this long one in the middle. So I'm gonna space that out evenly. There's about a 2-inch gap in
between those three boards. So I want the legs about 19 inches apart, and that makes about an
inch and a half from the leg to the side trellis.

And it's about 23 inches from the bottom. I'm screwing these in with
a 2-1/2-inch deck screw. So this top two-by-six brace
that's gonna hold up the beams, we're gonna have about 5 1/2 inches down. So like a two-by-six width from the top. So we just need to build
one more of these sides just like this, and then
we can build the top and put it all together. (whooshing) (bouncing synthesizer music) I'm going to retrace out
this shape so I can show you with jigsaw how I cut it. So get the shape that
you want drawn on there.

And then we're gonna take a jigsaw and just cut out that shape. And you're gonna wanna
do that for all four ends of the two beams that go across the top. Now with that all cut, then
you can take a circular sander and sand that edge nice and smooth, and smooth off this edge,
as well to round it off. Okay, with these two top beams created, the sides all cut out the way you want it, now it's time to put 'em
together and mark out the spacing for all of the top trellis pieces. I started off with 16 inches. And then I spaced them about 8 1/2 inches apart all the way down. These boards are 22 inches apart. And these boards here are 24 inches. So there's just a 1-inch
overhang right here. And one thing that you can
do before you drill these, you could pre-drill a hole so
that it doesn't split the wood since it's such a small piece. You'd wanna pre-drill that
with just a drill bit smaller than the screw.

(whooshing) (upbeat pop music) This is the corbel I already created, so I'm just gonna trace it. But the dimensions are on the website. This is at a 45-degree angle. This is about 2 1/2 inches. This side is about 6 inches. So we got two and a half, we got 6 inches. Then on this side, it's
a little bit bigger. Seven and a quarter. And the short end is two-and-a-half. So I just did a little bit longer. Then I did a nice curve
from these two corners. Leaving about 4 inches of
board to make that arc. So you can go from there
to there, 4 inches up in the middle, and draw a nice arc.

Then we'll cut that out. We'll cut this out four
times so we have for corbels, two on each side. So with this, I'm gonna
cut this with the jigsaw. I'm just gonna cut that first. Then I'm gonna come back
with the circular saw and cut those straight off. So now we can cut four of
these, three more of these out. You could use the same one
to trace the other four, and then go ahead and just sand 'em. Sand 'em down with the circular sander. We'll do that next. (whooshing) (upbeat rock music) So if you lay it on its side like this and you have this post just
sitting right up against here, then these are all lined up. It'll look nice. I'm just gonna drive two
screws in to the post.

(screwdriver whirring) And I'm gonna do the same
thing on the other side. And then when I lift it
up, while it's standing, I'm gonna screw in the other
screws on the opposite side. I'm just trying to square
it up as best I can. And then I'll put the corbels on so that when they're
on everything's square. For this video, I'm just
showing you how to assemble it, but there are various ways
that you can attach it to your deck. You could also drive some
post bases into the ground. Make sure those are leveled
off and spaced out just right. So now that it's standing up and that it's relatively square,
I'm gonna take the corbels and I'm gonna attach 'em to the top and then attach 'em to the side. I drilled a little pocket hole that I'll send a screw right
up through into the post so it's kinda hidden. (pulsing acoustic music) And then you can place
it wherever you want around your yard, on your deck.

So thanks for watching. There's your garden arbor for ya. You can go ahead and make your own. The plans are on our blog
at Here's the playlist. Be sure to watch all the
videos, like and subscribe. And enjoy..

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