How to Build a Simple Backyard Bodyweight Gym

here are all the materials I need for my outdoor body weight gym I've got five four by fours that are treated and I also have another one up in the garage I've got three four-foot long one-inch diameter black pipe and I also have two that are at three foot long I've got ten flanges to fit those one inch for elbows and four three inch nipples I guess they call them we've got nice heavy-duty screws that'll go work well in here as well as some 6-inch dimmer bolts that'll go in here if you're going to do this make sure that you have screws that are rated for pressure-treated wood this is probably overkill but I also about three cans of paint not something that so that the metal doesn't rust alright it's pretty easy put together flanges on to the ends of the four foot longs for the three foot sections here put a elbow e10 and that's all put it into the flange since these are going to be outside I want to put some paint on them and before I do that I wanted to just drop off the surface with some sandpaper just to try it out at just take a little better so it's about 42 degrees in the shop or five degrees Celsius so it's too cold to use spray paint however what I'm going to do is I've got a spot set up where I will paint on I've got to my pieces inside and the paint warmed up so I'm going to planning on doing is bringing the pieces out quickly painting them and then quickly bringing them back in I'm hoping that will do the trick the two shorter legs are 41 inches tall I parked 40 inches up on both the short leg and the tall leg for both sides that's where the top of the flange is going to go for the bar you want to use a drill bit for a pilot all the same size as the shank of the screw set the blade to 20 degrees I have it set on here so that should go right through the middle of then hi got a 4×4 20 degree cuts here and here this would be a brace down below I made this with my dimensions in mind I'm tall just a feet tall so I made it four feet wide and at the end here it's almost two feet across the back for the dibs you may need to adjust those measurements and I made the side rails 39 inches tall some people might need more like 36 and 37 so you'll have to adjust thanks for watching I appreciate the support

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