How to Build a Shadow-Box

hello Internet I'm Matt Hassan this is awesome wood things I made some shadow box picture frames these were built to display these admission tickets these are tickets for the Harrisburg Senators that's a minor league baseball team in my town last year they had a contest and said upload some photos and we'll let the public vote on them whoever gets the most votes can appear on this year's season tickets and that's exactly what happened mine was one of the many that had enough votes to make it on to the tickets it features myself and my two friends Denny and Tom the beer man now this is cool because not only is the beer man on here my buddy is holding a beer I don't have a beer in my hand because I was going to go buy another beer we're all decked out in red white and blue and the date they chose to publish this photo on the other ticket is May 5th Cinco DeMayo a lot of people drink beer on Cinco de Mayo I think it's so cool my photo appeared on there so both my buddies have this ticket so I built these frames for them as well so we will each have one I think it's so cool now shadow boxes are not just ideal for 3d objects you could put pieces of paper in them too I think it's equally cool and these needed to be able to be broken apart so my friends can remove these other tickets and replace them with their version that has all of us on it here's what it looks like a little bit bigger this was the original photo stick around I'll show you how I made it and I have sort of a how to feel going on here I have some annotations on the video to help follow along with exactly what's happening trying something new hope you like it you you

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