How to BUILD A RAMADA OR PAVILION – DIY (Part 1 – Posts) | Backyard projects

Okay we have marked off here four
corners of where our posts are gonna be. At each post we're gonna have to dig down to cement our footer so we're gonna
have to clear out a 3-foot radius of the pavers where they interfere so we can
dig. You can use a screwdriver to start prying out these pavers. Get a helper if you can.
Once you get the first one out it'll come out pretty easy. okay we got them up i stacked them over
here so we can remember the order they're in. Cover these up at the tarp so
our little digger doesn't get them all unlevel. Be sure you really want to do this!
Out of breath just loading trip number one. That looks like fun! It's great when the
exhaust is going in your mouth. That looks delicious. Yeah, it's good. Block in hole. Option 2: dump bag of concrete in
the hole Alright we're going to find our corner by lining some 2x4s up Nail them together. Alright we got it straight on the corner and level on the sides.

Two bags. we're getting ready to put sound or
around the whole thing and television How do you know how much water? Just when it gets muddy? It doesn't really matter at this point. We're gonna soak it up with the next couple bags Two more bags..

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