How to Build a Raised Garden Bed for Under $15!

hey it's Vanessa the crafty Gemini I post weekly how-to video tutorials right here on my youtube channel and in this video I'm teaching you how to make a quick and inexpensive raised garden bed so let's start with the supplies that we're gonna need a real simple project I purchased two to buy 8×8 there they come eight feet long I went to my local Home Depot and I asked them to cut them in half for me or just 2 4 foot lengths we're gonna make one four foot by four foot square raised garden bed so with the two boards we end up with four pieces that are four foot long right so we got these cut to 4 foot lengths then the only other thing you need is some scrap pieces of two-by-fours and these I already had on hand you can purchase a separate full 2×4 board and get them to cut it down to size for you I cut these at home that you need to cut these at is basically the width of your board I measured mine across this way and measured about 7 and 3/8 inches and so I just cut my two by fours to that and so you're gonna need 4 pieces of those measurements so aside from the wood boards we're gonna need some other basic woodworking supplies like a cordless drill and then the screws that we're using here I have two and a half inch long they're outdoor wood outdoor deck screws and things like that I got them at the two and a half inch length because that's what I had on hand you can go with the three inch ones you just want to make sure that it's reaching all the way through both boards that you're screwing into okay but these are the ones that I prefer to use for these type of projects because instead of having just a regular Phillips head they have a star tip or a star head on them so what I like about this little box is that it comes with the little bit that you need and I find that these with the little star head they don't strip out as easily so they're easy to put in the wood and to reverse them if you have to so let's talk a little bit about the wood that I'm using for the raised beds we've gone here with two by eight that are completely untreated pine wood this is a cheapest wood that I can get and this is going to be a really inexpensive way to make a raised bed if you actually have to go out and buy the wood one problem that I have with using recycled materials and things is I don't really know if this stuff is treated or not the labels not on it right and so it's hard for me to gauge so I rather just go out and buy something that I know it's completely untreated I don't want any chemicals making contact with the soil that I'm using to raise my food so we've gone with pine because it's untreated it will deteriorate over time and the amount of time is just going to depend we built a chicken coop we've had it up for about two years and it still looks great it's painted not sealed and we also used untreated wood I have friends that make their garden beds using untreated wood some say blasted them two years some five years some are going on seven years so it just depends for me it's really inexpensive and I think it's worth it to have the peace of mind that I know there's no chemicals going into what I'm using to feed my kids right now our soil is really great here we just have a problem with the drainage and that's why I've decided to create a few raised beds to give it a try and what this is going to do is allow me to fill this up with some really good organic matter some composted cow manure and things but I'm still going to incorporate some of the soil that we have here because it's really great soil if you want your raised beds to be a little bit taller you can even double deck these up like this one on top of the other right to give yourself a higher this is going to be about 15 inches if you did it that way and so you would just double the amount of wood that you're using in this project you can also do something that you still get about the same height as these using some two by fours which is what I recently did to make two raised beds I hit up the clearance rack or the clearance section there at my local Home Depot and they had some defective wood you know things that have like splits and a little bit of cracks in them and I have no problem using that type of wood for this kind of project since again I said it's going to deteriorate anyways right I was able to get ten two by fours for less than twelve bucks so it was really inexpensive and they worked out great the two by fours though the width is only this high so this is kind of low for a raised bed and so what I did was I stack them up and as you can see I end up getting the same height that I am getting with these two by eights so look around see whatever you can get for the cheapest price and just work around with the wood that you can get your hands on to create the height that you need for your raised bed so the four scrap pieces that we cut to the same width of our boards we are going to get one on each end of just two of the board so two should be just plain like they are and these two should have one of these little things on each end just like this make it flush here flush here and flush with this edge just like that then I'm gonna hold it in place and pre-drill my holes you can put them anywhere here so these are the ones that I prefer to use you see the little star thing they don't strip as easily so they work out great and we're gonna screw these into place I find that pulsing and going slower works better than trying to go too fast so that's nice and secure and we'll repeat that to all the other three sides so now that we've screwed the little end blocks onto two boards we're ready to start assembling it into the square bed so I'm just gonna put this up this way the opposite end is gonna go like this and we're gonna put these two boards in the middle and screw them right in super easy this probably won't stay up grab one of these and I set it up so that these blocks are inside okay so this is how I line it up this is the corner one that we screwed into the sides and I'm gonna get one of the ones that doesn't have anything attached to it and I'm gonna put it on the outside so this is flush here it's all flush on the sides and the corner 2×4 that we screwed into the inside is gonna be an inside post this is gonna help stabilize it so here we go you can do the same thing that we did before and pre-drill the holes in here but this is a quick project and like I said the wood is gonna deteriorate anyway so if there's a little bit of cracking I don't mind too bad so now you can drill either into this one or into this one if you want I just like to look in here and see where these two screws are so that I make sure that I don't drill right where that one is right so here we can go in the middle somewhere and again because I haven't pre-drilled the hole I'm just gonna go nice and slow just pump it like that and I like to put two on each side so I just did that corner there now I'm going to come here you can see it's nice and stable here's the other one bring it to the inside so this corner post is on the inside line up my outside parts here and you may need to do this on a concrete surface or something level I'm on my grass here it's definitely not level but it still works for me I can still make it work so I'm going to come around this side and drill this board into the little corner chunk here that I screwed in previously and all I have left to do is to screw this one board in the same way we just did that one so after we screw it in these two here I went back on each corner and screwed one more screw in on this bit and you can see that it fits right here where this wood is so this one is going now through the end grain of this one and it helps stabilize that corner a lot more as well so here is our finished four foot by four foot raised garden bed you can see I've made a few other ones this was just using two by fours that I stacked up so they're about the same height as the one that we made today this is a great beginner project for the two by fours if you can get them really cheap I just stacked one on top of the other and intensive being the same height as the two by eights that we use for this project I hope you give this project a try and that you enjoyed it if you did hit this video with the thumbs up below share it across the different social media sites and don't forget to click the subscribe button so you won't miss out on any of my future videos thanks again for watching and I'll see you next time

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