How to Build a RAISED BED Using PALLETS, FREE Backyard Gardening

what's going on growers it's James Prigioni coming 
to you live from Jersey you want to start a garden   and have a nice raised bed but you don't want 
to break the bank to do it today I'm going to   show you how to build your own beautiful raised 
bed out of free recycled pallets let's do it the   first thing we're going to meet our pallets I'm 
going to be making a 4 by 8 raised bed when it   comes to pallets where are you gonna get them 
that's up to you I found some of them at the   local gardening center but then I also went to 
the local recycling center they let me have as   many as I wanted they found it convenient that 
I was taking recycling and garbage away rather   than bringing it in so I'm gonna get all the 
pallets stacked here then we'll start cutting   there's gonna drop this one off leave it here 
for a minute I'm gonna start with this one what   I'm gonna do is just actually cut this pallet 
up I'm not gonna be pulling all the nails out   that's gonna be super tedious and I don't need to 
do that for the kind of raised bed I building what   we're gonna do is just take our circular saw and 
we're gonna cut all along here and along here well   that's gonna leave us is a nice board about 14 
to 16 inches long we're gonna do that for all of   them hopefully end up with about 50 to 56 boards 
what I'm going to do now is throw my saw up here   and cut this basically as close to the other piece 
of wood here as I can without hitting any of the   nails this doesn't have to be perfectly straight 
we're gonna make the board straight after this that whole palette has done all cut up you 
can see what we're left with these boards   so we're gonna cut them down to about 12 16 
inches whatever works and we're gonna line   them all up and this will be the border of 
our raised bed so you can see it's already   starting to come together just a little bit 
save so much time by not pulling those nails last pallet all cut up all the good pieces at 
least stack them up over here you can see right   here I've got the other ones stacked i've got 
sets of 10 so i've got six sets of ten that's   sixty plus a few additional my mathml that i 
only need about fifty or fifty-six so let me   get to the next step cutting these down we have 
all those pieces cut and I'll show you you can   see that they're not square at all as you can see 
doesn't line up right it so what we're gonna do to   fix that is put it on a drops off so we can take 
this drop saw set at zero degrees I'm gonna pull   it on this side over here because I have something 
bumped up over there now we're gonna just put it   on this side here and I'm just gonna drop it just 
to trim it to make it square so what that's gonna   do is make one side square for me then we're gonna 
take that square side and bump it up against this   piece of wood that I measured and marked this way 
this side will be square and then it's measured at   16 inches so all I got to do is drop this down 16 
each piece both sides square it's gonna be quick   and easy we're gonna do that for all the rest 
there we go all the boards are cut to the same   length and square here's all 56 of them stacked 
up nicely next what I need to do is I'm going to   cut some of these pieces in the back so they'll 
act as bracing and support for these boards so   we can connect them all together what I'm gonna 
do is just take this and rip a piece down I'm   just gonna eyeball it doesn't have to be perfect 
it's gonna be on the inside of the bed so you're   not gonna see it just make sure you don't hit 
these screws here because it'll ruin your blade I was getting a little close to a screw so 
I stopped I'm just getting cut off here next   I have a couple nails in the back I'm just gonna 
bang those out from behind and this is gonna work   conveniently because this piece is almost four 
feet and that's gonna be one of the lance of my   bed so we shouldn't have to cut it get those nails 
pocketed and then we're gonna take these stack of   ten we've shown any nine boards if my math is 
right to make a four foot wall well have two 4   foot walls and one 8 foot one bring this over 
right here I have set up just a straight edge   and then I have clamps this way they all line up 
perfectly at the top but they should all be cut   even so when we line all of them up the top and 
bottom should be all even as you could see that's   what we want to see some of these may be different 
widths but that's okay you can put your widest   ones at the end so that when you're attaching 
you have a strong board to attach with that's   what we'll do here there's a nice wide board put 
that at the end the straight edge isn't completely   necessary just makes it easy for me to push right 
up Рthis one's a little thick this is the end we   have all these pieces cut and lined up what we're 
gonna do is just measure should be 4 feet it's   basically exactly 4 feet that's what we want next 
what we're gonna do is take this brace that we   rip down we're just gonna put that on the back 
pre-drill holes and then screw it all together   we want to pre-drill because we don't want any 
splitting this isn't the best quality wood so   we don't want to split it soon we'll seal it and 
just sink it in do all this brush the same there   we go now and pick it up show you what it looks 
like this is going to be one side of our raised   bed as you can see it's gonna look real nice one 
side we need to do the other three sides and then   we're gonna have a cat piece that really locks 
everything together it's a little wobbly still   but there's gonna be one cat piece that ties 
everything together let's move on to the other   sides there we go the second four foot section 
is done so this bed is gonna be 8 foot by 4 foot   instead of making a whole 8-foot section which 
is gonna be tough to do what I'm gonna do is just   make 6 4 foot sections and then take two of them 
like I have here here's 2 foot to 4 foot sections   and then just connect them that's gonna give me 
an 8 foot section so we'll do it like that so I've   got 2 4 foot sections made I need 4 more to make 
there we go all 6 pieces are done next what we're   gonna do is we're gonna actually use some linseed 
oil and what this is gonna do is gonna help   preserve the wood we're gonna put this linseed 
oil it's gonna help get us hopefully a couple   more years out of this wood because obviously 
it's not pressure treated and we don't want to   use pressure treated wood so all I'm gonna do is 
just brush this off I'll brush this section off   then I'm just gonna start painting that linseed 
oil on so we're gonna put this on pretty liberally   just a brush any brush just to get it on there 
basically pour into here this is just flax seed   oil so it's completely natural what we're gonna 
do is just brush this on very liberally and then   give it about 5 or 10 minutes to sink in after we 
give it that 5 to 10 minutes to sink in then we'll   just wipe off all the excess with a rack we're 
gonna do this on both sides this one side is all   finished now I'm gonna flip it to the other side 
just gonna be super liberal with the flaxseed oil there we go what side is all done both sides 
done now and then we're just gonna flex see it   all at the top or linseed oil all these boards 
are linseed oil next what I'm gonna do is just   measure and cut this whole piece to exactly four 
feet you'll notice that I'm only cutting off a   little bit of the board you want to make sure you 
have basically full boards you don't want to just   have a little bit of a board left if you're gonna 
have a little bit of a board you want to make sure   that's in the center we have all of our pieces cut 
the four feet now what we're gonna do is take two   of them connect them together that's gonna be our 
one eight-foot side next we're gonna attach this   and just linseed oil after is you're gonna just 
combine the whole thing patch it all together there we go last screw in now we have the 
two 4-foot pieces attached we got one nice   eight-foot edge of the bed now you can see it's 
starting to come together let me show you how   it's gonna look with one of the four four 
pieces right here with the eight foot piece   done and it's looking really nice you can see 
it's starting to come together we should have   to do the one more 8 foot piece then the other 4 
foot will bring it into the garden level it fill   it start growing here's the section right here 
where I'm gonna put the bed in now I just want   to clear some of these wood chips out and get 
a relatively level before I start building it   in place both those sides are down they look good 
I have them connected right now just temporarily   with this little support these piece right here 
it's like a little corner piece it helps hold   them together when you don't have anyone help you 
next I'm just going to attach this piece on the   inside then I'm gonna use that to marry both sides 
together so first we're just going to pre-drill now mr.

Crew from the other side there we go 
looking nice and take this off and then we're   still gonna have one more top piece that's gonna 
really connect everything together and pull it   back all even there you go out sides all tightened 
same thing we shouldn't take this block put it in   and screw to it two sides down let's move to the 
other here's the fourth side let's give this one   in we'll just do the same thing the level put our 
braces on and then screaming he's our fourth and   final side hole in I'll step back a little bit 
as you can see it's come together nicely and   you could leave like this if you wanted to if you 
wanted the only loot use pallets that's it but I   want to strengthen up a little bit more and make 
it a little more convenient for me so what I'm¬†¬† gonna do is just take a 2×4 I'm gonna linseed oil¬†
at first then I'm gonna screw it up to here what   that's gonna allow me to do is to line everything 
up nicely it's gonna strengthen the whole thing   and tie it all together here's the top rail the 
2×4 just way in seed oil but let it dry now what¬†¬† I'm gonna do is I'm gonna attach one side and¬†
then the other side and then fix the center if   it's both got that all lined up I'm just going 
to pre-drill on the edge hit that other piece   of wood down there there we go beautiful we do 
this handing it right here and on the other end   there's the other corner and now what I'm gonna 
do is I'm gonna work my way down and just pop   these out you can say like this middle here I'm 
gonna put screws in here just so it's all level   so I'm gonna do is just make it about flush on 
the outside it's gonna be nice and flush low on   the whole thing some of them that are bowed out 
like this we'll just fix with the screw there   you go that rail is all screwed now what we're 
gonna do is just measure the distance between   these two and those two and we're just going 
to cut it and that'll be the final top rails   we've this top rail cut and linseed oil now we 
just have to screw it in line it up nicely make   sure we pre-drill every odd screws in and now 
you can see the top rail and you've got a good   idea of what this raised bed actually looks like 
a lot of fun to make still a few things to fix the   bow it out just a little bit but overall I'm so 
happy with the way it came out and I'm not gonna   be able do it tonight but tomorrow I'm gonna be 
out here me and tuck we're gonna fill this baby   up we're gonna get some stuff planted it's the 
next day the raised bed is all finished being   built it looks fantastic now we're just gonna fill 
it up the first thing we're gonna fill it up with   this some homemade compost this stuff is basically 
finished and I have some new stuff in there with   it some new greens so we're gonna line the bottom 
with this it's gonna add some nutrition and stuff   but it's also gonna save us some space because 
that's a pretty deep bed we're looking at about   16 inches here's the first mode we'll put this in 
some of you mentioned in a previous video that I   should build three walls then leave one wall open 
will barrel it in and then dump it I thought about   doing that but it was kind of hard with this build 
because it wasn't super super sturdy before I put   it together this strengthened this came after it 
was all together so to do three sides at once it   just didn't seem like it would've been right for 
me to get it all level and the way I wanted it   let's load this baby in you can see this compost 
it's gonna really help fill some of that space   for us there we go the homemade compost is all in 
build some space next we're gonna put some black   leaf mulch in and this stuff I get for free the 
pallets I got for free the black leaf mulch I get   for free as well from the local recycling center 
so that's why I was saying in the beginning you   don't have to spend a lot of money you don't have 
to break the bank just go out look for some local   resources and try to be thrifty with the way you 
spend your money to build the bed like this one   thing I wanted to show you though as we come in 
here you'll notice we've got a good amount of   bracing in here I've got at the top every every 
board is connected at the top and we have the   bracing down here I don't think I'm gonna get 
any bowing so I think it should be okay if you   want to feel safe about it you could add even 
more bracing let's get some black leaf mulch   in a bunch of this and then we'll add the compost 
after there we go this is pretty much where I want   it for the black leaf mulch next we're going to 
come through and just put a mushroom compost on   top of this so the mushroom accomplishes gonna 
be great for fertilization it's really gonna   grow with some beautiful plants hopefully and this 
is almost finished let's get the compost in here   it is final wheelbarrow I'm loving the way it's 
come out just a few more scoops on there I think   then we'll level this out you can see I'm not shy 
with how much I put in here we're gonna be growing   some fantastic things in here so we'll just level 
this all out they don't get to the best part start   planting soon will be reaping the harvest before 
we get into planting I just want to show you the   math that I used to build this the first thing 
I did was find the size of one of my boards so   I averaged that they were about five and a half 
inches the next thing I did was choose my bed   size so I chose 8 foot by 4 foot the next thing 
I did was wanted to convert the whole thing to   inches so I took my 8 foot multiply it times 12 
that gave me 96 inches I did the same thing on   the top 4 foot times 12 gave me 48 inches then 
I added all of them up for the perimeter so 48   inches 48 inches 96 inches 96 inches that gave 
me 200 18 inches then I divided that by my board   size which was about five and a half inches that 
gave me a little more than 52 boards I averaged   up and cut about 56 I think I only ended up only 
needing about 54 there she is all filled up now   we got our seats time to start putting some stuff 
in it's pretty simple you have a nice raised bed   like this convenient we could just lean on the 
ledge like this sit and then we're just all we   have to do is just basically dig into the soil 
a little bit grab our seedlings whatever one   we're gonna plant take some Dino kale here 
now we'll take some here some cauliflower slide these in if you want more information 
about plant spacing and how to plant your stuff   check out the square foot garden video we just did 
that'll give you all the info you need we're gonna   tuck this baby in bury this stem just a little bit 
then won't fit out the other one so we only have   one planet left there you go that one's all tucked 
in me and talked to have a lot more that we get   the plant and we're super excited about it because 
we love getting out here getting their hands dirty   that's today's video though thanks for watching I 
hope you enjoyed it hope you got something out of   it and I want to encourage you well me and tuck 
want to encourage you guys to get out there to   grow something and no matter how much space you 
have even if it's if it's huge acreage use it all¬†¬† if you got a small space start a 2×2 raised bed¬†
it doesn't matter just get growing if you enjoyed   the video hit the like button hit the subscribe 
button share with your friends don't forget to   check out the merch down-low tuck and James move 
back at you real soon with another one we out!

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