[Music] pump tracks and skateparks man sound for working on your bike skills but don't forget about your backyard a bit of DIY with some old pallets and a couple of timber she's I'm splitting the 42 off these pallies to save a few quid and do a bit uh upcycling eleven pieces at four foot long here's what I mean hey Liam easy as that after that get one sheet of Y or OSB board eight foot by four foot obviously this one's not new bill do the ramp am building is to be three foot high on the left the top deck is just 18 inch but in the thin strip of pallet wood on the Rye she's also said 18 inch in and stuck out to full at the top this gives me a solid pivot point to draw the curve for the transition oops some string over a screw at this point and wrap it tight around a pencil or a marker pen from the mark eighteen inch in and three foot up pull the string tight and Mark out your curve flip this all on the opposite side and you've got your two side walls for the ramp cutting these out wants to be accurate but it's not brain surgery just follow the line and take your time [Music] [Applause] [Music] now for those four be two studs make a frame for the back of the ramp which is three four I same as the sides and but to ensure than the top there is going to be this means when the frame is screwed to the sides the top layers on the curve transition will sit nice and flush to the edges this isn't essential but I'm digging out some coping from an old off pipe we had to give the ramp a proper skatepark feel quick scrub up and I'm ready to put it all together I'll be making around four foot wide so the frame is three four ten inches wide [Music] [Music] the sheets for the top surface above 3/8 plywood this is the only part of the round our boat from new bonus when you're doing some building work of home but the polish you can people pretty easy tool as applies bear for this to take some amma when you're riding it and 3/8 bends perfectly [Music] I've used the same plight to finish the top deck and once that screwed down you've got a decent little quarter pipe and just enough time left to test the owl there is one little ladder we've been wearing all day leave us a comment let me know what you reckon to this video and if you haven't already please like and subscribe to see me at a roller to this Quora pipe make it into an awesome box jump and then try and send it [Music]

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