How to Build a Pergola on a Deck: DIY Modern Pergola Tutorial

[Music] hey everybody welcome back this is Justin at remodel holic today I want to show you this new deck structure that I created I'm calling it the modern deck pergola it's a simple box has four posts actually has three beams you could do four I just didn't do the one in the back for other reasons but it's a really cool structure because you can hang lights on it you can hang flowers you could hang shade curtains whatever you want we created it so it'll define the space around it so the the seating and the barbecue that kind of makes sense we're really excited because it's Father's Day coming up and I love cooking outside so I got this new trigger barbecue that you can get ace hardware and so I'll go ahead and show you now how I built it be sure to look in the description below there will be a link to the blog post has all the written instructions on how to build it all the tools you can get them at Ace Hardware as well so go ahead watch this video go to the store get your supplies and build yourself a cool modern deck burglar so I got some new tools for this project got a cordless reciprocating saw this would be handy for making some of the cuts with the post beam got a new hammer – check this out so push this button and the claw and rotate how cool of that so depending on what you're trying to remove as far as the nail could come in really handy you've got a circular saw that's going to help me cut things to length and then bring in boardwalk got the drill bit we've got some ratchet you need a level got a small one tape measure you've got a half a tape measure and I know how long can go now now that I have the area cleaned up I'm going to go get my pose and I'm going to mark out exactly where those posts are going to need to be on the deck the anchor goes down and start to get that set up then I'll build the post I'll have those in place put the beams across and go from there here's the post base that I created this is kind of a template for the size of the posts that I created with three two by AIDS sandwich together that's going to create my post it's a 7/8 long by four and a half inches wide I'm going to take this I'm going to mark out where all my post bases are going to go so I bought these Simpson Strong Tie brackets these these will work well for custom sized post because my post isn't square its rectangular I'm going to put one on each opposite corner and try that out see if that's strong enough if if I need to add two more I can but I just took some rust-oleum black paint I painted it kind of did rough paint job and then I'm going to bolt this down so I'm going to put these on the deck first and then I'm going to cut my post to length and then I'm going to stand those up so let's see how that rolls let's go from there so now I'm going to take these bolts these are 5/16 and I'm going to pre-drill a quarter inch hole right here and each of these brackets before I put the screw in I'm going to put a 5/16 washer and a 5/16 lock washer to keep it from coming loose now I'm going to screw these down and just do it loosely so that when I put the post in place then I can kind of tighten it down and fine tune it when I get the post built [Music] okay so what I did there is I took all the board and I stacked them together these are the boards that are going to make the column so I'm going to do three two by eight sandwich together that's going to make the post it's going to be something like this okay so the top beam is going to go in between my hands in that slot that's how I'm going to cut those up so here the boards stained once these are the board's I'm going to sandwich together let's make the post the column they're about dry so I'm going to start screwing them together plate to the screws at least an inch and a half from the edge and I space them about two feet apart of the post I use two and a half inch deck screws for this the clamps you see in the middle are helping squeeze the board's together while I connect them with the screws put a couple more screws in and then I'm ready to stain the rest of it and let it dry and then we'll put it in place [Music] now once the post is built I'm going to put it inside the brackets loosely and I'm going to use these diagonal braces to hold the post up I'm just screwing it to the post and then screwing it to the deck to hold it straight up and down until I get the beam installed okay so I just notched out to these boards and those are going to be on the front then you'll see that when I put these post up I'm going to have a beam that goes here so from this post here over to that post up here I'm going to have a beam [Music] once the second post is installed just like the back post I can cut the beam to length by measuring from the outside bottom of each post remember to subtract an inch and a half for the front beam then stain it and attach it to the top of the post I attached about four screws through each post to the beam once it was leveled and square just repeat the same steps for the other side you can see that I put in the back post and now I'm putting in the front post two more pieces left I just got to put one across here and one across there and I've got it all built and I think it's looking pretty cool [Music] I'm going to take my two drills have one for putting in the screws and I've got this drill set up with a half-inch socket so I tighten all these down now there's been blown wool so once I do all four of these get these down really tight it's going to be really strong to hold up to wind and whatever now that everything is tightened down really well I'm going to have one last coat of stain we wanted it to be a little bit darker [Music] alright so I just finished staging I just put the chairs put some flowers around and some pot some hanging baskets and I put the barbecue right in the corner and it looks really good I'm really excited can't wait to fire it up and start cooking some awesome smoked barbecue like the 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