How to Build a Grind Box!

ghetto knuckleheads uncle knackers here and today's project is going to be a little different to what I normally do there we know pellets involved or even old recycled materials you see I've had a request from my oldest teenage son Jack and he said dad can you build for me and my mates a grind box stick with me but that is not in the know of grind box is a box that skateboarders or BMX riders use to perform their tricks it looks something like this looks pretty easy well it is it's a great project for the kids to build by themselves or in for you as a parent or grandparent to build as a gift for your kids or your grandkids so without further ado let's get stuck into it now the grind box itself and Imperial measurements is going to be 8 feet long or 2 feet wide by 1 foot high which equates metric to 2.4 meters long to 600 millimeters wide and 300 mil high and framing it all at a 4 B to frame 1 now to cleb the outside of the grind box I'm using this 3/4 inch plywood now here in Australia I think the closest you can get to 3/4 inch plywood is 17 millimeters don't worry about remembering all the materials and tools required for this job because I'll leave a list in the description box down below that way you can copy it print it out and refer back to it when you need to now building the framework for the grind box is dead simple basically all it is is a combination of two framed up rectangles here's the base which I've already made that's it's hard down on the ground and all that is is four sides screw together using exterior-grade screws and I've also got a noggin which I've screwed in place in the center here and that holds the whole framework together now the next step is to build the top frame which is a bit more heavy-duty and that'll be connected to the base using a series of uprights just like that and also remember before you use power tools to make sure you've got your protective equipment on by earmuffs and some goggles just a quick tip before we start screwing this thing together make sure that you pre-drill your holes first that way you timber won't split when your insert your screws now with this top frame it needs to be quite strong because it's going to take quite a beating so to achieve that I'm going to insert these noggins just like that every 12 inches or so along the entire length and if I don't hurry up I'm going to get wet it is about to pour okay now that the frames are built we have our top frame and our bottom frame the next thing to do is to go ahead and cut the uprights that are going to separate those two frame apart now to save some time I've already gone ahead and pre-cut them now one thing to remember is that my grind box is going to be one foot or 300 millimeters high so the length of your uprights is going to be one foot or 300 millimeters less the thickness of the ply that's going to be sitting on top and if you do that you'll get all the ply you need just from one sheet of eight before now how's this for a great uncle knackers time-saving tip you can see on this upright that I've already pre-drilled the holes take the upright or the template and place it on top of the next upright that needs to be drilled just like that now you can drill through the holes on that template and it will leave a mark on the next piece ready to be drilled out now that is a great time-saving tip okay it's time to install the uprights and you'll notice I've got the frame sitting on blocks that was too easy now it's just time to screw the top frame on now you will find the top frame easier to attach if the groin box is up line on side so here's the grind box all framed up as looking absolutely fantastic and he's so solid and there is ZERO wobble which is absolutely spot-on now all I need to do now is cut the ply and fix it to the sides and the top now when it comes time to cutting the plywood for the grind box here's a really good tip get the coping that you're going to be using for the grind box and clamp that down to the plywood that way the base of your saw can run hard up against that edge giving you a nice clean cut and if you're not very confident in doing that you might be able to get the hardware shop we bought the ply from to cut it for you beautiful now it's time to put the ply on keeping it flush with the top edge here so there you go it's looking fantastic now all we need to do is add the COBE make sure you keep those screwheads nice and flush with the top of the coping before the boy starts skating on this I want to give it a protective coat so I'm going to give it a quick sand and a couple of coats of varnish whack on the wheels then she's ready for action and to make moving this big beast around a bit easier I'm simply going to screw on these non swivel wheels now check this out how easy was that so there it is all done and I absolutely love it great tip knackers that well I hope you enjoyed that video and also found it useful I absolutely ball making it now if this is your first time to my channel welcome and please click that subscribe button that way you won't miss out on any future videos and don't forget to click the old thumbs up button that's always greatly appreciated now just in case you are wondering what finish I put on top of the grind box it was this marine-grade satin clear varnish good stuff now don't go just yet there'll be a few photos going backwards and forwards of the finished product and able some skaters in action ok well I'm done I still need a cup of tea after all that so till next time I'm out of here Cheers the

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