How To Build A Greenhouse – D.I.Y. At Bunnings

A greenhouse doesn't have to be bucketloads
of cash. We're gonna make a simple one that you can
move around, and it's gonna have plenty of room in it for all your plants. We're gonna take your garden area from this…to
this. The good thing about a greenhouse is it can
keep you gardening all year around. I'm gonna show you how to make a real easy
one today. These are all the tools and equipment that
we're gonna need to build our greenhouse.

Just a few frames, a little bit of plastic. If you're a keen gardener, you're gonna want
one of these. I've got all of my timber pre-cut at Bunnings,
and I've sectioned off and labeled all of my different components to make the build
easy. To make the base, get the hardwood sleepers,
pre-drill and screw together with bugle screws. To make the base for the floor, we are now
gonna add our timber, down to the bottom, leaving it flush on the floor. That way you're gonna get a nice clean fit. Once you have your framing, you can add joists
for extra support. This is going to provide the base for the
flooring. Now we have our sub-floor installed. It's now time to flip it over and put on the
casters. Use bugle screws. There's no need to pre-drill, but make sure
you put the wheels with the stoppers on opposing corners. To lay your floor, put your timber in rib
side down, and layer that thirty-odd spacing to still allow for draining. To make your frame, make the outer frame first,
using the framing gun.

I know how big I want my door, so now I just
have to measure and put in my stud work. Make sure you put in the second brace to allow
for the hinges. So, that's our front frame made. Now, let's go and make the door. Make sure your noggins are flush to the front
of the door to attach your hinges. To build this side, make a frame and put a
stud in the middle.

Repeat the process for the other two frames. Once you've built your framework, it's time
to put the plastic on. Wrap your frames in plastic, and fix it off. Make sure you're wearing gloves, and make
sure you attach the plastic to the inside of the frame so it looks nice from the outside. So now we have all of our sides and our front
wrapped. It's now time to attach the hinges. Screw the hinges down to the side joists,
and attach your pad bolt to the front. Now the frame's almost finished. Attach the frame to the base using bugle screws. It's a little bit tricky, so you might need
an extra pair of hands. To affix the battens to your roof, arrange
them in descending sizes, so you get run-off on the back. Transfer your measurements from your greenhouse
onto some polycarbonate roofing, mark that with a bit of masking tape, and cut to size.

I'm using a metal blade on a medium setting
on a jigsaw to allow for a clean cut. I have measured mine out with a little bit
of overhang at the front and at the back to allow rain to fall off. The last thing we have to do is to attach
our roof to our greenhouse. We're gonna use some roofing screws to do
that. Attach your screws into the crest of the corrogate. You only need to do this every second one. So, there you have it. A fantastic little greenhouse. Let's go and find a place for it in the back
yard. So, we have created our own nice, warm environment
for all of our plants, turning your garden from this…to this. Singers: Bunnings Warehouse..

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