How To: Build a Greenhouse Bench

do you like working with Cypress better than redwood yeah I do actually it's really a nice wood it's it's a lot dense it in the redwood is and it cost about the same though doesn't it it's just about the same run around 350 employed for it so the posts for the bench are an interesting design how do you get started well the first thing we're going to do is bring it right over to the miter box how tall the post they're gonna be 36 inches and I've already got one cut right here first thing we've done is centered it so that we can get four 22 and a half degree cuts this is the Capitol well that's how you make the cap at 22 and a half degrees okay go for it okay your goggles on looks nice now how did you get the the chamfer detail and the use a router for this business here we could but we've gone right to the radio now because it's right that's the next step down okay we're all set up for that is this a dado blade we've decided to use and we have a we want to bring it down three quarters of an inch and just plow that area out the next cut is called a chamfer and we're going to do this on the router table with just a regular half-inch chamfering bit now we'll do that on all four sides what size mortise is is Riley this is a 7/8 of an inch yes or do using just a speed bit right and we'll just drill a series of holes now we'll just clean that out over here on the bench with the set of chisels what's the depth of the of the mortis we're going into this an inch and a quarter well I'll tell you we could have just fastened all these rails through the posts with nails or with screws but mortising them letting them in like this will really make for a very sturdy long-lasting bench okay so the design for the bench calls for all of these rails to have a bull nose or a half-round at the top and this is just a little sample we've made up so we can check the fit on the mortises pretty tight good yeah you want to tighten its height because it is going to shrink something okay all right three more posts to go okay okay a little dry fitting here before we actually put any glue good get on that side yeah well that looks pretty good now the design calls for a series of 1 by 2 inch slats to be just set in an inch apart so that there's drainage when you put in your plants your flats your pots or whatever but before we do any of that we have to continue putting rails in on this one right that's right we've still got to put a shelf on the bottom here okay and this is just one section there's nine more to make you got a lot of work for it yeah they take a little while okay

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