hello guys today I'm going to show you how to make a fingerboard pack because I lost all my files I had to redo the whole thing the first step is to design your pack in Google Sketchup that's a really nice tape-measure feature when you have to sign the pact draw the outlines on a piece of wood now cut out four pieces that are twenty four times 12 centimeters you can screw the pieces on in a lot of different ways here's how I did it chosen just tojust if you followed all the steps this is what you should have now now it's time to make the kicker gap first cut two triangles that have 4.5 centimeters tall and 12 centimeters long now cut out 15 times 27 square such Oh Oh Oh Oh now that the King against done it's time to move on to the bank cut out this shape it's six times six centimetres would attend century day long slope now cut out a 10 x 6 triangle the top piece that I'd load on is 6 x 6 centimeters now cut out to 10 point 5 times 12 point 5 centimeter triangles me thank you for watching part 1 on how to fill the fingerboard pack leave a like if you want to see the other parts you

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