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Hi, I'm Philip Miller and this is Philip
Miller furniture Thank you for tuning in today we are
going to be building a farmhouse bench and I have the materials here on my
garage floor as you can see I have three sets of wood types of wood they are
these right here are my 2x6s and these are right over here are my 2x4s and this is the material that I'm going ot be using to make the farmhouse bench. I'm going to take it over to my table saw now and trim it up mill it down and then I'm going to be making some cuts and then assembly. And I'll show you that whole entire process as I take you through this tutorial on how to
make a farmhouse bench. okay, I'm going to cut the length of my boards I decide I want my bench to be five feet long. So, I'm gonna do if I measure from the end all the way down here and find five feet which is right here All right or doesn't make sure the legs
are all equally the same height I've clamped them together and I'm going to cut it with one complete cut.

Okay, The cuts came out really well they're
really nice and even and clean and So, these are the two legs now I got to cut
and add the braces that's going to hold the two together so I'm kind of show you
what that's going to look like. It's gonna these are the legs and then I'm
adding another bracket that's going to go on the top right here and I'm going
to cut that next Okay, one we're going to do now is I'm going to run these through
my table saw because 2x4s actually have a little bevel on them and I don't want that so I'm going to clean them up with this. Run it straight through this and I'll get nice and square.

On all the sides Okay, for the feet of the bench what I'm doing is I'm knocking out a 45 degree angle leaving
about a half-inch the way I did that is I took my square here I put it up and I've brought that little tick mark of the five to the very edge and this
scored it and I'll do the same to the other side and that just gives your your
feet a little bit more unique design as it's sitting out there, where it's being
displayed. All right as you can see I've made 45-degree cut leaving a half inch below giving this nice little finished for the foot but I'm going to do the
others and then I'll be done with that and move on to the next step Okay, with woodworking there's always something that you forget takeout for and I caught
it with plenty of time so these are the legs I realize I need to take another
inch and a half off because of these base feet that are going on to it.

So it's a good time I caught it now but usually with any woodworking project
there's always something you forget to do and this is just one of those
examples are another piece that I'm cutting is the center brace this is going to hold the pieces together and it's also going to be the brace
underneath that um.. the two braces that are going to catch to the bottom that are
going to adhere to I want to put a nice little 45 degree bevel on it just to kind of keep it nice and clean. so they'll be under bevel and
I'll show you that in just a minute. Okay, I'm assembling the legs now this is the
top where the bench is going to attach to I'm using screws I'm going to sink
them in right into this and then before I do that I'm going to use some wood glue the wood glue The wood glue that I like to use is Titebond 3, so I'm just going to adhere this to the back side of this and then simply screw it in.

All right one of the legs is assembled as you can see here I put screws in the
bottom countersunk and same up at the top. Now again this is if this was the
top of the bench it would go like this and I'm just going to screw it right in
here and that's how it's going to attach Okay, the tabletop I'm assembling
together I've strategically placed a couple Kreg Jig holes to pull the
boards together once it's all glued up I'm gonna let this sit for about 12
hours and then I'm attached to the legs over there and then we'll be done Okay, what I'm going to do is I'm going
to stain this first before I attach the legs next I'm going to create once it's
all stained I'm going to create the brace that goes from the bottom leg to
the middle of the seat and then I'll paint all that white and then assemble Supports require a little bit of sanding right here to be flushed because this is the base.

Um, so you're going to stain it off
just a little bit here to get it nice and uh… and smooth
and then down here you're going to now knock it off you don't have to but it
just looks a little nicer and then it'll be ready for painting. Okay, so what I'm
going to do to attach the braces is I'm using my nail gun to do that I do it because it's easier to set up and install than screwing. Alright so let me make sure I got the right one for the right spot.

Looks like that one's that one and this one goes over here but let me double check all that. aright, going to square it off. Okay, that looks good so what I'm going
to do now is I'm going to glue it and then nail it in. Alright to set the nails
in, what I use, I use a this really nice tool and it's a punch, nail punch
just get right one I just put it in there I tap in my hammer and it makes it nice and flush.

And gets right on in there. highly recommend doing that
otherwise what happens is it sticks out like this. um…because the nail gun if the
angle can't get the hammer and all the way to put it flush in so you always
have to use a tool set it in all the way. Okay, the tables been complete here it is
now my workbench and it I'm really pleased with how it came out so what I'm going to do is that I'm going to put this video up on YouTube and with below you'll see all the materials and cut lengths. and everything you need to make
this Alright hope you enjoyed this please subscribe to my channel like this
video thanks very much.

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