How to build a DIY vertical wall garden

hi I'm Craig Phillips and in this video I'm going to show you how to build your own vertical garden using reclaimed pallet wood the tools you're going to need cordless screwdrivers clamps screws drill bits tape measure and a handsaw now there is a most dismantling to do on the pallet take your skids off we're going to cook them down and use them later on and then you're left with the back section of the palette which is going to be a kind of the spine of your wall gone so it's this into position what we want to do next is create a kind of lather effect so we're going to use sections off the pallet which is the full length and then we're going to cook some smaller pieces once this is fixed together it will be mounted onto the base of the pallet and that will create the shelves where the actual pots are going to be housed so we do this by measuring up the length of what we want it which is one meter we've got two pieces one meter in length [Applause] so that now gives me my two sections here place them into position right in the very center of the pallet and take your measurements between there or the shelves so we've got four of these down so that's our four now cut to size will fit one ended at the bottom which is going to be flush to the bottom the other two in the center really thoroughly spaced out put the very top one we don't want to set it at the top we want to pull it down a fraction because we're still going to put pots on there and of course where we then going to use all the cuts its are going to be mounted on the front and they will stop the pot from actually falling off there we set the top off first and then get an equal gap between the two center shelves the next stage is to actually screw these to connect to this side here so we want to start off by putting a pilot hole in the wood we'll only need two screws in it of course we don't want the wood to split we do the same on all four shelves replace from glue where the pilot holes have come through without that extra strength he's a cordless screwdriver with 40 millimeter nails are too screwed through your pilot hole at sea for shells all fitted to the one side now so the next stage is to fit this one again to that side keeping it flush at the bottom and set back at the top for your extra shelf here breathing because that's one ladder section now made what we need to do is make one exactly the same size to put on the opposite side so now you've got your second piece cut built and fixed together the same as the opposite side place it into position double-check it's flush on all sides of the base for the palate and then we want to fix these to it so we can just mark a little line first where they're going to go we take that off for a second we can run our line of glue a long way the two sections of wood are going to meet place him back on offer and whoops oh he's flush with all the corners on here we can drill a couple of pilot holes through the underside place the second one on top of the glue you can use a couple of small clamps to squeeze it together so there's no gaps in the center there and then slide it off Brazil some pilot holes on the underside like we did on the opposite side now before you turn this over and screw on the side of there must take off the clamps but where you can also do just pop a little screw between these two sections to hold them nice and tight together when you take off the clamps so now that middle section is screwed into there we can release the clamps that hold it into position in there it fixed from one side I'm going to do now turn it over to the back of it and I'll screw it again in today so it holds this section into position an important of exiting between every slide of the pallet slide for the strength [Applause] [Applause] okay so now that's fixed on all the underside turn it back over again we've got the shelves firmly fixed into position the next stage is to get four more slats off the pallet now these are the standard size there's no cutting down required on this and of course they are the length of the base of the pallet underneath what we need to do is place all four of them directly on top of the individual shelves that are holding your pot once they're held into position you're happy that they're there now in the mop take your pencil mark exactly where they're going to be going because you want to remove them and apply some glue and we're going to play our glue where we put our pencil marks now they're placed into position on top of the glued areas using our 40 millimeter screws once again screw them down to the sections below I was making sure that you've got two screws in the end of each slack in the center pieces here I've drilled two pilot holes but one is going to screw into one piece of timber and one's going to screw into the other that's now all the slats fitted to the front of the wall guard when she lifts it up into position now you can see you've got the shelves here which will house your little pot stop them falling out with the face piece you've got the back section nice and secure to all of these rails all you got to think about now is bolting it to the wall because of course and there's many pops in there with plants in it it could become heavy as well so when you are screwing through these you want to screw through the back slats here and the center pieces as well drill some clearance holes probably about for each side and even some in the middle as well get them firmly bolted to the masonry wall so that's how easy it is to build a vertical garden if you'd like to see some more pallet projects please visit the website you

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