How To Build A D.I.Y. Bookshelf – D.I.Y. at Bunnings

A cluttered space brings about a cluttered
mind. In order to find clarity of thought, I'm going
to create a simple and practical bookcase that will fix this problem right out. These are all the tools that I'll need. We've got our pre-cut timber from Bunnings,
a hardwood ply, power tools, our painting equipment and a hardware. We're gonna measure out for the positioning
of our shelves. We've got a fixed shelf at the top, in the
middle and the bottom. We're gonna start by measuring that center
shelf first, and then I've decided to divide up the space evenly for the three shelves
that are gonna go in there, but you can put them wherever you like. Now we're going to pop our timber up on its
side and transfer the mark from one piece to the other so that our shelves are nice
and straight.

Now we've marked our sides, we're going to
open them up, that way we have a left hand panel and a right hand panel, and then we're
going to mark straight lines across so we know where to put our pilot holes. Make sure that your lines are square, and
then mark your position for your shelf supports. Pre-drill the holes for your shelf support,
but make sure you don't go through too far, otherwise you'll see them from the outside. We want each of the shelf support holes to
be a consistent depth, so we've added some tape to our drill so that we know where to
stop each time. What we're going to do now is add our fixed
shelves for structural integrity. Helps if you've got a friend to hold things
for you at this point, but if you don't, you can always use some clamps. We need to make sure that we're holding it
up on its edge so that we've got a nice straight line when we're drilling our two holes at
the same time.

You may find that your timber is going in
the middle. If you can get an extra set of hands, that's
great. Otherwise, grab some clamps. Now that our frame is complete, we're going
to give it a sand so it's nice and smooth, and then add a lick of paint. Be sure to mask off wherever you're cutting
in to make your lines straight up. Now our paint is dry, we've taken the tape
off the edges, and we've flipped it over so we can put that back on.

To put the back on the bookcase, we're going
to make sure that it's flush on two sides, nail it down so that we've got a nice straight
corner. From that point forward, we'll be able to
make sure the entire bookcase is square. Now we've secured half our back down, we're
gonna use the router to cut off the excess. You might need a friend to help you out with
it. Now that our back end is trimmed to size,
we just need to secure it with a few more nails. We're gonna give our shelves a quick sand,
and then hit them with a little bit of wax, which will give them a nice protectant. Now we're set to add our shelf support. Once they're in, we can put in the shelves. There you have it, a great bookshelf that
you've made yourself, can suit any room of the house. The shelves can be adjusted to fit all your
special things and precious books in. If you wanted, you could make whole wall of
them. Before we had a bit of a clutter happening
in this corner, and now we've got a beautifully organized space, helps us to keep our mind
in check, so that we know exactly what we need to do and when.

This is nice and simple bookcase..

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