How To Build A Cheap and Easy Tiny House Loft Ladder

hey I'm Steven Harrell from timeouts listings of the day we're going to figure out a cheap and easy way to get from up here to down there stay tuned I'll be building the ladder from some leftover two-by-sixes that I have I have one 16-foot piece that will be perfect because the ladder needs to be about eight foot tall so I'll just chop that in half and then I have a smaller piece that we'll use for the stairs so each one of the stairs on this ladder are going to be eighteen inches apart so what we do now is just go down the line and measure 18 inches so in order to screw this set of stairs is going to be 15 inches wide and you actually don't have to have any specific width for your for your stairs I just determined that be a good width for me and also it just works out well so that's how much wood that I have left it's a scrap piece of wood from a previous project so again you can you can make your stairs any width you want and you can make the length of the height of between each stair any length you want there's just what I've done and I'm just kind of showing your house all one quick tip the dig from relax Chaka Khan recently featured on his YouTube channel is where when you're building a set of stairs like this you can just put one screw in the middle that way the stair itself can pivot and then once you find out the correct angle of your ladder then you can put a level on top of this stair and then pivot it to where it's it's level and then you can kind of go from there so just a cool tip from deep this often times these two by sixes are warped you can clamp everything together as you're screwing it in to make sure everything is tight to get the ladder flush with the floor just find the backside of the ladder just start from there and get your level make sure it's level and draw a line and then from there we'll cut that part out I'm just going to round out the edges a little bit so anyone who's climbing up on the ladder make sure their clothes don't get caught on it and just make a little bit safer in case you were to slip or something you don't cut yourself on the edge use my sander here but you can also use these little graders that will take little pieces of of the wood off at a time you want to get even more aggressive with the carving I'm just going to round it off a little bit with this sander now that we have the ladder built we have to figure out a way to prevent it from swinging side to side or even worse falling down when you're climbing up it making it a bad day for the person who's climbing up it for the bar that the ladder will rest on I used some galvanized plumbing pipe to help hold it up and then we'll put some hooks on the ladder to help go around this part right here these are some old hooks I had laying around and we'll be using these for the hooks on the ladder and the real heavy-duty so they should do the trick so there you have it with a couple two-by-sixes screws some old piping in a couple hooks made ourselves a nice tiny house loft letter on the cheap and easy so thanks for watching see on the next video take care today we're going to figure out how to get from up here to down there stay tuned

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