How To Build a BBQ Cart for a 22″ Weber Kettle.

Hey casket here. Welcome to the shop. I'm doing a project a BBQ cart for my twenty-two and a half inch Weber Kettle I'm gonna show you how I'm building mine I'm gonna give you the measurements and the hardware that you will need. I was looking for a cart That wasn't really big and robust and yet one that wasn't too small and flimsy. So I'll share with you how I'm doing mine As you see here the barbecue cart is actually inverted the top of the cart is resting on the floor here Make sure you screw and would glue your joints together and it's very wise to make sure from the very Beginning that all your joints are square. So be sure to use a carpenter's square or a speed square Here's some measurements here, and there'll be other measurements deeper into the video If you decide to make this more elaborate like I did which included building the cabinet and the doors While we're poking around the shop I thought I'd take a quick minute and show you one of my toys This is a stove or gas engine it's a two horsepower type K hit-and-miss and It's a 1927 model according to the serial number and it was used in a cement mixer I've had this engine well over 30 years and I've had it to a lot of shows and festivals and It's always been a great run an engine and it's getting time for a restore and a new paint job So that's on the list of things to do This next engine coming up.

This is a 1924 Witte it's a 2 horsepower model B This is a throttle governor style and I'm in the midst of restoring this one So watch for video in the near future on restoring antique engines You can go ahead and pause the video here and take notes of the measurements if you need to To create the hole in the top of the cart where I want the grill to sit I took the lid of the kettle and I positioned it exactly where I wanted it to be taking in consideration the structure below then I took a carpenter's pencil and as you can see I rested it against the lid of the kettle and Simply traced all the way around it this gave me approximately 1 inch gap So with the table inverted I'm gonna make some braces to Give some extra support underneath the Hole where the grill is gonna sit so I cut some? angled two by fours So I'm going to stall the wheels when they had the cart up right I Put the wheel next to the leg And I put this in and I hit it to make the mark and you can see You got a mark right there.

That's where I'm going to drill and we'll do it for both sides The second on to lock it, there it is Let me show you what I'm using to hold the kettle grill in place in the cart I'm using three inch by three-quarter inch corner braces or L brackets Pick these up at Lowe's Came with the screws, although I change the screws out to use longer ones But I've got four two on this side and The way I've got it situated you can see that the handle is just touching the surface Of the top of the cart and I've got two over on this side So I'm using a two by six top These actually work perfectly for height size once they're installed underneath I actually tucked him under they brace and put the screw through And then they had to be they had to be pulled out they all had to be pulled out towards the center to adjust So that they fit into the lip of the kettle properly In order to get the bracket to fit under the lip of your kettle grill You're gonna need to grind it down Like that ground down this one here So that goes right up under? Right up under that lip right there as you can see But you have to grind down this edge and I'll show you how I did that So once you grind it down you can see that it'll fit right Under the lip and that's where you're gonna want it Then once you get a man, you're gonna have to bend them inward To get them adjusted just right so they'll all slide Under the lip And as you can see we can lower those right into place And you'll just have to adjust it to make sure it's right where you want it Okay, I'm going to show you what I use for the for the handle for the cart, this is a half inch black pipe It's 24 inches long I'm using a half inch floor fan flange a close half inch nipple and a half inch elbow and so basically I'm just going to quickly show you how I'm gonna do it And then it's going to be screwed right to here as the handle Okay at this point in the project we are installing the cabinet which is Taking up slightly less than half of the entire length of the cart I'm using one by fours and I'll show you what I've got gone inside here So for the nailers, I just used some 1 by I actually ripped it 1 by 4 and I'm using that as the nailer That goes all the way around the bottom shelf like so and you can see I actually used a 1 by as a spacer so I could get my exact measurements and My uprights the one by fours are attached with one screw at the top And if you look here, I ripped a 2×4 Here's one half of it here.

I'm nailing. Each up right – And the other is There under those boards that are already installed. I Think one screw per board has plenty to keep it In place and hold it securely to the cart Then what I'll do later towards the end of the project I'm going to trim all that in so it doesn't look so unfinished by the way You don't have any of these? These clamps Harbor Freight sells them for next to nothing few bucks apiece Depending on the size and they work great for holding your project I like to pre-drill these boards because they tend to crack if you don't So I position them where I want them with the clamps Pre-drill them and then screw them in once the storage area is complete Then I'll install one or two shelves inside Okay, let's fasten these uprights in the cabinet Okay, so I'm installing the shelf in the cabinet I'm using one buy that I ripped For the shelf to rest on here We split the difference between the top and the bottom which was 22 inches.

So 11 inches from the bottom Will actually be the top of the shelf We're just gonna go this way So I got a 1 by here a 1 by here and I'm up with one across the back Be mindful of your screw links This is an inch and a quarter and this is a two inch screw I'm gonna use the two inch on The end here to go through you can see it'll go through the two one buys and into the 2×4 However pass this 2×4 From here to back there you want to make sure that you use a shorter screw so you don't go through to the outside and This is an inch and a quarter Which has gone here here here and these three over there Okay, there are the three shelf braces install Okay, the shop was finished So I'm going to trim the side of this barbecue cart and to trim it I'm using one by four and I actually ripped it so that it's two and a half inches instead of three and a half inches and It's gonna be fastened Like so Now if you find that some of your Ford's are uneven you can get a belt sander and go over the high points So once you get all your high points down And You can attach that like so I'll be using screws not nails Because I don't want this to move and I don't want it to be pulled off Okay, so the trim is on And I said, I'm gonna screw it to the cart.

I'm actually gonna glue it and then screw it, but for right now I just used a nailer And tacked it to the side because I'm gonna end up taking it off when I go to stain the whole cart So most of the trim is gonna come off for the staining process because I'm gonna have to tone stain I'm gonna have the dark stain on top and I want to keep the Tyne a little bit lighter than the rest of the curve Okay, next up we're gonna put some doors on this cart, I'm going to show you how I'm doing that I'm going with two doors since I have a large opening which is 27 inches wide from the outside I'm gonna pull in a half an inch on both Sides, which will give me 26 inches across I'm gonna split that 26 inches into two, which will give me 13 So both doors need to be 13 inches wide And I have them laid out here So each door will have actually three full 1 by fours, I had to rip one to bring it in to 13 inches So putting these together will give me my 13 inches For both doors I'm gonna put three biscuits per joint one at the top one in the middle one at the bottom I'm gonna do that for all of the joints All the way up, so I'm gonna start by drawing a square line across So I'll take the first board and you can see they lose a line here There's a line here on the tool I'm gonna line that up right with the line that I made here And you can see it made the cut just like so and Then we'll put a biscuit in there and we'll glue the two boards together after we hit all the joints So now we're going to put the biscuits in and we're going to glue them and clamp them My next-door neighbor Doug was gracious enough to loan me his biscuit cutter But if you don't have a biscuit cutter you can cut someone buys and you can cut them to fit the width of your door and You can glue them in and glue these glue your joints put some pilot holes and you can Fasten the doors together with some one by one here and one up here Would be sufficient you just want to make sure that you don't position it where it's gonna hit your shelf Inside your cabinet, but if you don't have a biscuit cutter You can do it this way as well Okay, once these are all set we're gonna clamp these together Clean up the excess glue Now we'll let that dry we're gonna do the same for the next door Okay, so the doors are all glued together they're all glued and they're clamped down Now I'm gonna let these dry and we're gonna install these with some hinges on the opening there Okay, so the doors have been drying for five days and I'm gonna remove the clamps and There it is 13-inch door by two feet tall Do a once-over with the belt sander Two doors, let's mount them to the Curt For the hinges I'm using three inch hinges that have a quarter inch radius rounded corners These were about 289 at piece it Lowe's Comes with the screws and instructions if you're not sure on how to install hinges.

They're very simple So that's the next step I'm installing the hinges two and a half inches From both ends like so so I'm going to measure two and a half Two and a half Now we'll install these to the door If you want to take the time to chisel out The area for the hinging on both sides you can do that. That's not a problem I'm not going to do it this time because It's a barbecue cart and it's not a piece of furniture and it's not in my house.

So If you want to you can chisel up the hinge so it'll fit flush with the wood Otherwise it'll work perfectly fine this way Put the other hinge on and then we'll install it to the curtain So installing the doors to the carton using those three-inch hinges I installed this one here And I took a 2×4 down here at the bottom with some clamps and I clamped a 2×4 to the bottom rung or the bottom 2×4 that's part of the cart and I used that as my guide And I place the doors on that guide Made sure that I had the clearance that I was looking for And then I pre-drilled my pilot holes for the hinges And that's how I installed the doors Okay, we can remove our lamps And there the doors are So the next step will be to trim the doors out like we did the side Hey, you know when the bottle openers installed It must be nearing the end of the project The trim is on I'll show you in just a moment the bottle opener is installed so I can pop open a bottle of beer The doors are trimmed out as you can see I'm going to put a couple handles on them And some magnetic stops on the bottom I Got to show you the handles.

I'm going to put on the barbecue cart doors Here they are. Actually I come across them at Menards and You'll see they'll fit the handle I have on the cart now But these are rather expensive if you can find some coupons Usually Menards males their coupons out. But if you can find some coupons to shave a couple bucks off It would be a good idea. These are 1289 apiece and They actually come with two different lengths of screws Which are both too short? So I need to buying some two inch cabinets Cruz Is I'm going through two one buys the door and the trim but but yeah here they are.

They're pretty cool They're made by Bell with products out of grandville. Michigan so if you get them innards in your area and You want to keep things in continuity If you're using this kind of handle and this might be what you're looking for Installing the handles were fairly simple First find the exact center of your door between the bottom and the top My nose right here. I use the speed square and I drew a line across these handles are six and a quarter inches between screw holes So once I found my Center, I measured up 3 and 1/8 3 and 1/8 and those are the holes or the marks where I'm going to drill my holes It's also important to make sure you find the exact center of your trim piece, which is this vertical line here Hey, we finally made it let's take a look at the finished project And there it is another outdoor cooking device added to my collection You know, this was really a fun project and You can stop any Any point of the way in this video once you get the basic frame up? And you know, you don't have to go too elaborate Like we did here But you know what it ended up being a lot of fun and excited about those handles Glad I found matching set it goes with my Cart handle there, but actually was a really a lot of fun and You know one of the biggest things When you're starting a project like this Make sure everything's square glue all your joints and Making sure everything is square.

We'll save a lot of headaches later in the project, but this wasn't this wasn't really anything too complicated and You just take your time and just keep adding to it here and there Alright, let's take a look at the grill as it sets in the cart and I haven't used it yet It's coming soon as you can see there's no there's no play and there's no turning while its resting on these brackets Brackets are working great and very happy with it.

And I don't don't see an issue at all one of the things I'm going to add to the cart is a Bracket here a wooden bracket to hold the lid like that So I'm gonna let this set through the winter maybe about three or four months and Then when the weather breaks around May I'm gonna stain it and if anybody has any suggestions or any advice Please leave comments below. I'm all ears, and I'd love to learn your ideas. Hear your ideas so let me know I Hope this video was helpful. If you have plans on doing a project like this if it was Please subscribe to my channel hit the like button down below and please leave comments. I'd love to hear your thoughts.

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