How I Made My Own Smart Speaker Google + Alexa – Under $30

This video is sponsored by Squarespace I want to buy both Amazon Alexa and Google home but they are quite expensive to
both 250 dollars aprox but in my wallet I have only $30 so I was wondering if it is possible to build both Alexa and Google together in a
single smart speaker even under $30 I chose wood for speaker cabinet so
first I went to a wood mill and bought a scrap wood bundle less than a dollar, it
looks good to me but after returning home when I cut the
bundle then I saw most of the woods are defective and they are different in
color so I went back to them and bought a quality woods just adding two more
dollars and this woods are really good.

I generally do not work with wood that's
why I have very less number of woodworking tools so I went to my
nearest tool market and after some bargain I bought few carpentry tools at very low price I bought a handsaw hole-making saw wood glue and some different grits and papers next day I woke up early in the morning and first I marked the woods to 8 inches and cut it using handsaw then I roughed
out those pieces using 60 grit sandpaper and after some action I used 120 grit
sandpaper and the wood pieces became this to this. then I took some
measurements and drew the outlines next I cut the side excess areas using hand saw and made it round after that I drilled few holes and started cutting according to the measurements it's a tedious process and the outcome is not perfect but it got
the job done and that can be fixed after some sanding then I went to the speaker market and bought two speakers that costs me around $1 and 20 cents next according to the speaker size I drilled two holes and after some sanding hole walls became smoother now cutting is finished next I join those pieces using wood glue after a while I gathered some wood dust and mixed it with some glue and filled those gaps next day I have sanded the excess area and made it smooth to make a LED notification ring at the front first I make a silicon mold then mix some epoxy resin and pour it on to the mold when it hardened then I joined it with
main body and after applying some polish the enclosure has completed so it's time for the electronics To cut the price I'm
using a $10 single board computer Raspberry Pi Zero W and here comes the most
challenging part because it does not have any audio in our audio out port so I can not directly use microphone and speaker on it to sort out this limitation
I have done a lot of research and testing that literally took me more than a month and finally I have designed a circuit that connect with raspberry PI's
USB port and provide audio in and out functionality also I have added power bank and audio amplification functionality into the circuit then I converted the circuit into PCB and order it from PCBWay They generally charge $5
for the PCB But if we are ordering for the first time then our PCB will be absolutely free of cost so here I said $5 Few days later I got my PCB The PCB
quality was excellent and the color was very satisfying next I opened mycomponent diary and collect all the required components which costs me no more than eleven dollars then I started soldering if you are interested to see how to solder SMD components then leave a comment I will make a dedicated video on
SMD soldering after soldering all components I attached the microphone two speakers notification LED Battery and finally the Raspberry pi Now circuit has finished So next I installed raspbian OS in raspberry pi to insert Alexa into the system first we have to create an account in Amazon developer page then we will get a client ID after that Amazon redirects us to some steps which we need to follow to install Alexa into
raspberry pi after installation we can see the status of Alexa as currently
idle which means Alexa is working Now we need to install google assistant as well by going to the Google developer page and create a new project to enable the
assistant API and do the necessary steps provided by the site the link of all the steps which you will need you can find in the description box below Now that the system is ready we have to assemble the required items inside the cabinet that we prepared while doing this one by one let us talk about Squarespace today's video sponsor Squarespace is an all-in-one platform for creating your
own domain website on an online store they have beautiful templates and a lot
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anything of that sort if you still need any help you can
contact their award-winning 24/7 customer help line service when you will
make your order don't forget to use coupon code DDELECTROTECH for additional
10% discount Finally the assembly is ready I really love the look of the speaker especially the light ring how do you find it let me know in the comment section now it's time to test it and compare it with the original Amazon echo and Google home Alexa what is the time it's 04:44 p.m.

Hey Google how are you I'm well thanks how can I help you alsocontrol your home appliances like Alexa switch on the light ok make the light red ok The sound quality is also very good with a very good bass play I need only you I need only you buy love beans starting now the major difference between my speaker and Alexa or Google home is that my speaker has built-in battery so I can take it anywhere but Google home and Amazon echo does not have any battery they always need a power supply so it's time for the giveaway and declare previous winner name congratulations to Abhishek Shah for winning the tablet of
the previous giveaway we will be contacting you Today we are going to
give three Amazon echo dot to three lucky subscribers all you need to do is
comment down below and share this video so that's it for now see you in our next
video until then bye bye

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