HomeMade WOOD Lathe – 8′ long diy lathe, head stock, tail stock, bed – free plans (torno casero)

hello everyone RAY again today like to
show you the lathe that are built when I was 16 years old as third with this plan
by Carlyle Lynch excellent plan i'll make those available to anyone who's
interested and built this eight-foot beast lathe it had 68 inches between
centers and a nineteen inch swing and I decided to test that full capacity by
gluing up a blank of western red cedar it weighed about 400 pounds and it was a
beauty of a blank.

Blank was so big that I had to use the bed of the Lathe as a
tool rest my toolrest would not fit under there and as you can see it actually
worked out quite well once I got the diameter down I was able to slip the
tool rest back on everything use it you can see here a black belt on the left
side of the blank and here at the motor the diameter was such that I had to wrap
the belt around the blank itself to get the speeds slow enough to actually turn
this beast so fast forward twenty-five years later and the lathe which I no
longer have I sold it last year still is a beautiful functioning piece of
machinery it was such an excellent machine I was able to sell it to another
owner and now they are enjoying the use of this late I think you all for
watching I appreciated please don't forget to subscribe and anyone that's
interested you can find the link to the plan in the description of this video

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