Homemade Frame Saw (Bow Saw) – Scrapwood Challenge Ep28

scrapwood challenge scrapwood challenge its scrap its crap its firewood but some of the wood is good it's a pretty rainy day which is a good thing we need the rain but it's always difficult to film in these conditions because the noise of the rain hitting the tin roof or the workshop but anyway I'm gonna get
on with it but if you hear background noise that's
what it is the brass rod is six millimeters in
diameter it cost seven dollars and I drilled the holes for it at seven
millimeters and that's just to give it a bit of wiggle room the blade is a 14 TPI metal cutting bandsaw blade it cost just under $30 but there's enough there
to make 4 saws I was planning on using these brass
screws to fix the blade but they're a bit shorter than I thought they were only the tip goes through the blade so I'm going to drill a recess with this
forstner bit so the screw sits a bit deeper and the blade will end up in the
middle of the screw I've clamped the frame down I've lined
up the bottom with the edge of the workbench and made sure that it's come
square which it is I've put the blade in the right position I'm going to drill these holes and hopefully I can drill through the blade itself but I don't know how hard it will be if it doesn't it should mark it in the right place at least anyway the steels hard and a normal drill isn't going to do this I've got my smallest masonry bit and I'm going to sharpen that and see if that works I've not tried it before but apparently it
works very well and I only took a couple of minutes to sharpen with the diamond stone that worked to treat it was almost too easy the rains getting heavier but I'll keep
on filming and next I'm going to use my drill press to help thread the ends of
the brass rod I use the brass rod just for looks it would have been cheaper and
easier to use the traditional method of string and you don't need anything to
tighten that where I need a spanner but in the workshop a spanner is only an arm's
reach away I reckon we should give it a go and if
it's all good we'll take it back apart and start shaping and finishing it a while back a fellow woodworker was very generous and he gave me a heap of hand tools to say thank you I made a
second saw from silky oak and I even use the first saw to help make it so cheers Nathan I'll get it posted out to you straight away I reckon they'd turn that
fantastic I'm very happy with them hopefully you enjoyed the video if you
did please like and subscribe thanks for watching and I'll see you on the next

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