Home Made Dado Insert… The Scary Cut.

but to make the scary cut I hate doing this always makes me nervous cut my own insert copied it off of the craft one that I bought the zero clearance trace the pattern popped it out got a three-quarter inch dado blade in there right now you ain't gonna see that in there yeah anyways got the fence set up off to the side I know it's clear hit the air make sure that latest weird in the mill I already know what I thought you never gonna make a doodle kill the dust interaction there she is that always freaks me out I don't know why I've done it a few times now always I always freaks me out a little bit I actually just made this one as a test it's just a piece of plywood just happen to have a piece of it's like a 13 millimeter I think cheap the Chinese plywood kicking around so I decided to make it out of that I didn't even cut my relief hole in it just so that I could pull it out and I'll just use the screw for now I take the screw out even that I didn't get a hundred percent but I set the data well for three quarters which will be plenty for anything that I'm going to do the set goes up to thirteen sixteenths but I'm pretty maxed out with that 3/4 inch and yeah because it's just cheap cheap crap plywood that'll do the job I made the nice little notch cut in the end which fits in that little guy there so she slides in there this and stays down it fits just got maybe a half a millimeter not even crowded it's not proud on this end but for some reason it's a little proud on this end and it's probably just the plywood the way that it sits and I'll just sanded down to make it fit when I put the screw in on this side it tends to lift this up a little bit alright so I can just work around that for want to make a nice one out of some hardwood I've got some really nice hardwood over there good pretty much anything I want to use right over here in that stack so yeah the scariest cut that is the scariest cut right there don't like doing that I hate it but she's good I got my first my first dado stack it's just a cheap one like a my bro pretty cheap but for the man I'm going to use it she'll do just fine so that's it how to make your zero-clearance insert for the dado stack

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