Get Turning! 4 Beginner’s Projects by Tim Yoder (woodturning DVD preview)

Now to make our rolling pin, we're going
to be using a 17-inch 2 x 2 square of Purple Heart. Really neat wood, really,
really hard, really dense. It'll make a great rolling pin. You notice right here,
I drew lines from corner to corner on each end and then used a tool to poke a hole there. Now I have the dead center on the blank, which makes it a lot easier to
take my drive center and center it on the blank. Now this drive center is
pretty neat, let me get my mallet here, this is a little bitty 4-prong drive center
and I like it because it's a small footprint, really sharp tips and when I take
this and put it on here and hit it with my mallet, it drives in beautifully, so
that's in there to stay. Take the tool and place it on the tool
rest. The handle is down by your side. This first cut, we're going to push in there, it's bouncing. Now i'm raising the handle, now you can see shavings coming off the tool.
We're going to move our body sideways, lower, come back, raised, and come back.

Now the neat thing about this tool
is I don't feel any vibration, because it's such a heavy tool and it's into
my body and I have great control of it. Now, we've got to get this off the lathe right? We're going to get our parting tool which is just a neat little tool and
all it does is it parts.

It makes a straight cut down in the wood an eight-inch
thick or wide, excuse me. So I'm starting the lathe up and the speed I had at when I was burning is pretty good speed, so I want this to have a flat end on it. I'm not
going to make a rounded end on it, but the tip from this live Center goes in a little
bit, so I know that I've got to cut in here a little bit, so I don't have a hole
in the bottom of this. Now I went in about eight of an inch,
little bit more than that and I'm coming back and making a relief cut, now I'm coming down
here. Now I'm not going to do this all the way, because this will fall off the
lathe if i do that, but what I'm doing is I'm preparing this to be cut off with a
saw and I'm taking away as much wood the easy way as I can right now.

So I'll do this on the
other end and then we're going to nip that off with a saw. Now taking a little saw and I'm just weakening that in there because I'm gonna snap it off by hand in
a minute, but this one I can cut all the way through. Just gonna rotate it. There we go now, on this end, oops it snapped off by weakening it there, What you don't want to do is cut it
flush. If you cut that nib off you can see there's torn grain right there. We'll you'd
have torn grain in the end of this and it'll be harder to sand off. Now speaking of
sanding, that's what we're going to do next. Let me get my knockout bar. Every lathe
comes with one of these. knockout bar goes into this hole in your headstock
right. And what it's doing is I hit this look over on this end and it goes BAM.

Knocks that out and that's hollow, pretty cool..

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