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hi there daycare how are you this bad boy is my docking station for large with sheets or large width slabs of timber anything up to 2 inches thick by 31 to quarter inches wide I can do it on this 12 feet long not a problem at all stick with me I'll show you how the trouble I was having with docking large width panels was I'd have to put them on my assembly table which traditionally was where I used to use the tracks or all the time you'd throw something up on their sacrificial top top on it and I would get a rail out and cut and that was okay but it was slow because if I was putting something together up there like assembling because it's an assembly table it slowed me down clear everything off do the cup put everything back up on their work away I need another one cut move everything off again you get the picture the advantage of this situation is and because it'll cut up to 800 millimeters wide there are other things that you can use to cut to dock with one of them is a sliding compound miter saw but you'll find that they're restricted to just over 300 millimeters 12 inches wide and if I'm doing something like a door or some cabinets for the kitchen that's just not wide enough I can't do it with that the other option is to use a sled on a table saw well there that's great if the sheets are small enough like in width so that as I'm putting it over they're not dropping off the side of the saw and falling on the floor because I don't have the capacity of anything wider than around four feet on my table saws sled this guy here as I say up to 12 feet long up up to 31 and a quarter inches wide not a problem I could have made it wider if I wanted to but I realized I'm not that tall and I I had to find a point there when I was pushing the track saw to the other side that I could still reach because my arms not long enough to go further unless I climbed up on top and was going for it well that's that's a different story I'm going to show you some pictures of the unit as it was being assembled now underneath it's a simple cabinet it's made just the same way as I make kitchen cabinets except it's a lot bigger it's two meters long by 800 wide it has one brace panel right down the middle instead of putting a solid black back in the back of the kitchen cabinet this one goes down the middle as a spine and then I've got ribs coming off and these ribs are these guys they're the petitions and so everything is screwed back into that center brace and also into those ribs then there's shelves in between those again and the Shelf is pretty handy because I put the track saw in there when I finish a cut very easy shape see do the cut put it down there it's out of the way I can pick up the piece of timber or the panel and go with it what else we got on them so that's the bottom it's on casters they're all lockable and I can wheel it into the corner of the shop when I'm not using it the top the top is a torsion box now the top has got a few design features in it but I was really happy with I spent a long time with this profile the Festool cell and I bet you a lot a bit a lot of you didn't realize you could buy this profile it comes in two metre lengths and they sell it as a pair so you buy two two metre lengths so four metres in length in total and it is designed to take the MDF top that the MFT three has a lot of initials isn't it MF T 3 is multifunction table MDF is medium density fiberboard so that's what that is MDF top m ft three profiles you can buy them as a unit can see your first or stockist and they can get them for you now while you're there you can also buy the supports for the track these are spare parts for the MFT three and stockists consolidates to you the track I have is the 1080 which is the standard one for the MFT three but if you've already bought a track saw and you've got a 1400 rail because the 1400 rail or track is they do a bargain with that you buy the saw you buy the track together you buy the track for Half Price so you can put a 1400 on here not a problem at all you don't have to have it hanging all the way out you can have it hanging out the back if you want it to you might be concerned it's going to hit the roof or something as you raise it up slide it out the back a little great system the fence is also off the MFT three across the back and the reason I've got that there is because I like it swing stop now you don't have to use that kind of offence you could make your own offence I guess and you can make your own swing stop out of a little bit of T track and away you go I use that because I had it back now you'll notice that I'm not clamped down I'm screwed down to the top after I'd screwed that track down to the top I dropped this down and I got it dead on 90 degrees before I did my first cut that first cut is a zero clearance cut when I did that I made sure that I tighten these guys up super tight now these are the stops for the track supports so there's a stop on either side and you lock it in position that's it yeah it's a no-brainer you don't have to think about 90 degrees anymore slide this back to the stop tighten up that support and then it's just a matter this is front and back of course and it's just a matter of dropping this down locking it onto the rail pushing it down onto the thickness of the material you're going to cut raise it up perfect that is so easy this is a great system what do we got next now as I said I was saying earlier I spent a lot of time with this profile I had it set up on my table saw because it's a nice big bench at my RV table and I had all different the thicknesses of timber because I was working out how is going to mount this what the best structure for here was going to be because I MF t threes are one slab of MDF and there are certain lengths they're not monstrous they're not you know the size of this but you can get there by having three of them in a row but it cost a few dollars that's all set them all up on a bench and then I was going through the different thicknesses of the product on top now if you want to use best duals protractor with this system you can but you have to make sure that your top your top here is 19 millimeters above the support on the profile you have to replicate what they've done with their MFT so it's either 18 or 19 probably 3/4 inch now why do we do that because there's clamps that hold the fence in position if you're not going to screw it down and the protractor also and they rely on pushing the clamp down hard pushing the the fence down hard onto the surface now if the surface is down lower than the angle of that clamp because the clamp just pivots basically agood says alright I'm putting you down it locks onto that little slot in the track at the back pulls it down hard onto the surface here if it's going to go past its its center point low past level and going down it's going to pull the fence back out of the way and it's going to sit you won't be square anymore it's going to be a it's going to end in tears I use 16 millimeter and I've put a three mil Packer all the way around on top of the torsion box and you can see pictures of that as well I think then the torsion box itself has one two three four five six chambers and that sixth chamber this one here is a dust port there's a four inch port underneath and that's locked in and my large system hooks up to that and just pulls dust out from underneath and I also have my overhead system that pulls it out at the top of the saw as it's cutting so it's pretty good like there's hardly anything gets away from it what else we got so I've got the pictures of the frame there you can see it all screwed together I've got pictures of the torsion box and the thing with the torsion box is that it is two skins separated by a framework in between the sandwich and because they're separated if you push load on the middle of a torsion box it's trying to stretch the skin on the bottom and it's just there is no stretch enough you'll tear it before you'll stretch it so these things horribly strong unbelievably strong that looks lovely it's got a lot of potential for drawers and all that kind of stuff in there as well and for storage for timber and now I'm going to cut a piece of wood now you'll remember that I've got this trusty start for my dust extractor down the back there that's so cool here's a piece of melamine that's around about 450 wide remember it can go up to 800 millimetres wide not a problem at all 12 feet long see if I was to have that much of an off cut on an MFT 3 it will have fallen on the ground you only have around about five or six inches off the edge of an MFT 3 before it's starting to drop peak design feature so I'll slide that along just to show you that it does work my dust extractor is not too noisy is it now this guy is hooked up to the shop back drop it down put that on there make sure the leads on this little protector which stops it catching on the end of the aluminium there and let's give it a shot turn them all off now the last thing we want to do is have a look at what kind of a cut we just got then now this was cut with just the standard saw blade have a look at this that's pretty cool that's a lovely cup and even the off cap I'm even going to show you the off cup and that's without the splinter guard set up on the off cut it's still not a bad cut either so there you go that's my little system it will surround wherever I want it it saves me mucking around with moving things all around the shop all the time and taking things off the table putting them back I'm not in a situation where it's getting a bit risky with the table saw sled for large panels I've actually got the width where with this where with my drop saw I can only cut around about 200 mil with mine with a sliding combination saw getting out to a round of put 315 mil not going to cut it but what I just did then those things here sometimes you can cheat and tip them over and go the other side again and join a join up I've done that before join the cut up but you never get as perfect a cut as I just got then tip from Dave make yourself one of these babies and life will look up for you see you later

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