Festool Kapex 120 EB assembly part 6 – Grand Finale

so let's go about it the shaft is almost out I leave about two millimeters of space you will see later why so I'm going to insert the spring with the rubber bushings to its appropriate place because it's a little bit easier to deal with now so I supported with this small shaft tool I have it doesn't really matter now what we need to do is first of all this bushing needs to go to the right side of the spring so we put it there but of course it doesn't really want to stay there so this why another reason why there is this shaft so I can hold it in place okay there it is so I'm going to lift the whole arm to its upwards position so again I'm doing it with a screwdriver the arm is on the shaft is inserted from the other side and holding one side of the arm shy of about two three millimeters or 1/8 of an inch well it creates a hole now I when I insert the bushing which doesn't really want to stay there I can hold it with the screwdriver push it up against the wall of the hole and this way it will align with the shaft and that way when I push in the shaft it is already aligned with the bushing finds its way and goes all the way through that's what I did but sorry I'm not gonna repeat it but in goes the shaft okay second yes here we come here we come yes I'm here it is shaft is out use the arm turn it around secure it with this with the design it is Q okay that's it one left the control arm needs to go through it hello secure it with this long scroll okay so that's it we need to secure the spring so I lift it up again slide it out to have more space take my small set with a six-inch bit adapter actually my screwdriver with such an adapter er doesn't really fit it's tight on space so you need something short but actually you don't need too much leverage so it's okay so just slide it on this is the shaft which was secure the spring in its place so pull it back in that's it done so here's my optic cable it doesn't really matter which one you put where the same way as it doesn't really matter which way which way you plug in the cord into mains you just plug it in it was my electronic pliers for this much easier okay Anna and the second ones okay so you go put everything back every cable in its route like this let's put on the cover okay five Steve that's it let's put this beauty in 10 you so so blade and I leaving on the protective cover jewelry during the assembly because it's brand new it's so sharp that it actually cut my colleagues hand when he wanted to try out how sharp additive so leaving it on there until I finished assembly what else to do plug it in and let's see press your fingers guys why you

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