EXTREME Furniture Makeover | Painting an Outdated Dresser | DIY Two Tone Dresser

hey guys welcome back to the channel we're 
gonna jump right into today's furniture   flip my husband picked up this free dresser 
for me off of facebook marketplace and i'm   going to show you how i transformed 
it into a two-tone modern dresser to start i sprayed the exterior of the dresser 
with the tsp substitute and wiped it clean i then moved on to removing all of the original   hardware and drawers and i will 
not be reusing this hardware hmm good morning it is about 6 45 7 o'clock in 
the morning i'm trying to get as much done as   i can before my little one wakes up because it's 
already wednesday you guys know i upload on sunday   and i haven't been able to work on it 
the past two days because i've been busy   so i'm gonna try to get as much done here this 
morning before i can get to it on her nap time   so i'm gonna be stripping these drawer fronts 
because i'm trying to get them to bare wood   and i don't wanna take too long sanding them 
so so we're gonna be stripping them instead   to strip i am using an old inexpensive brush 
typically i use a chip brush but i didn't have   any laying around i apply a thick even coat 
and i usually don't use plastic but it has   been extremely hot lately that i didn't want to 
risk it drying on me faster than the 15 minutes as you can see here there is quite a bit of 
damage to the trim piece on the dresser so   while i waited on my stripper to 
work i went ahead and removed it   the stain came off mostly with one coat but i did 
decide to do two and made sure to scrub with some   fine steel wool and mineral spirits afterwards 
to remove any residue and inactivate the stripper   to attach the new cut trim i simply glued 
and nailed it into place and for a more   polished finish i added caulk to the seam 
and filled the nail holes with wood filler once my drawer prints were dry i smoothed 
them down using 220 grit sand sponges after deciding which holes i would use so 
that i didn't have to drill any new ones   i went ahead and filled them using wood 
filler and sanded them down once it dried to scuff sand i am using my detail sander 
with 180 grit sandpaper and for smaller   harder to reach areas i just used 180 
grit sandpaper and sand it by hand so hmm i used valspar furniture paint and 
thinned it to help it spray easily   this is the same color i used 
in one of my recent flips if you've been here before you know that 
this is not my usual spraying system i   bought this wagner home sprayer a 
few months back and had only used   it once because i didn't know how i felt 
about it i decided to use it again to see   if i liked it i will say this sprayer 
sprayed the specific paint flawlessly   i will definitely be using it again and keep 
updating you on how it continues to work for me i personally like to spray in both directions 
and consider that to be my first coat for my drawer friends i wanted to 
tone down the yellow and orange wood   tones so i made a wash from knapsack 
khaki from a launch and applied it   i wiped away almost immediately and as you 
can see it made them a lot more neutral so the following day i sanded and 
began my second coat of paint   and this paint does require an 
eight hour dry time before recoating and then the weather suddenly decided to change 
and it started pouring the wind picked up and   started blowing the rain sideways although hard to 
see my dresser had a million water spots all over to seal my drawer fronts i applied a generous   amount of wax with a brush 
and wiped away any excess now thankfully this paint did dry to 
a smooth finish even though i had a   bunch of water marks but i had an itch 
to suddenly add height to the dresser   and i made a pull on instagram and 
90 of y'all said yes to add legs so i removed the existing supporting pieces of 
wood cut two by fours to size and made pocket   holes to attach them to the original base 
i also added a few screws for extra support after adding the support i decided to remove 
the trim and add a wider one in its place i drilled for my hardware and added 
my new legs and after staining them   in a dark water it was time to 
add my hardware to the drawers now let's take a look at what this dresser 
used to look like and what it looks like now thank you all so much for watching as always 
be kind and i'll see you all next week bye

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