Epoxy Resin Waterfall River Table – Just Kidding It’s Crayons :)

you know how sometimes you have an idea
that you know is bad but you do it anyway so I initially had this idea a
few months ago I was working on something in my garage and I saw a few
broken crayons sitting in the house and I thought I wonder what would happen if
I melted and inlaid these in some wood in fact this shot is my initial test
from that day flash-forward a couple months I'm in my
new shop I finally got things mostly organized
and now I can give it a real shot so if I'm being honest I was probably about
75% certain that this would work at all actually that's not true if you asked me
to break it down beforehand I would have said that there's about a 5% chance that
it'll go flawlessly a 5% chance that it will completely fail and a 90% chance
that it'll work out but that there will be some compromises along the way a few
bumps and bruises and maybe a couple of regrets kind of like life oh and naysayers let me save you the
trouble this is a terrible idea it's impractical
it's gimmicky it's arguably a waste of wood but it was also a lot of fun and
that's worth something a lot actually so so far you just been
seeing me mill up my walnut and prep it for gluing into one larger slab here I'm
over using some dominoes because I want to make sure that both of the boards
stay perfectly coplanar after I gloom up after it was dry took one more really
light pass on the planer and that was really just to get rid of any glue
squeeze-out so this one board is gonna give me the
top and both of the legs so what I'm doing in this shot is sort of dividing
it into sections so that I know where each of the break points is gonna be
that way I can plan out where I want my crayon river to flow where I wanted to
stop and start and so forth the next thing I did was take a sharpie and
roughly trace out said River then my first idea was to use the edge of my
sander to start carving out the path and as you're gonna see in the next shot I
ended up abandoning this method but the reason that I went with it is that I
thought it was gonna come out looking more natural but it was kind of slow so
I figured I'd just route it instead and this worked fine it has a sort of
planned organic look that feels random enough while my main river was cooling I
decided to play around with blending techniques on some plywood there was a
definite middle ground that I was going for
I wanted the colors to blend a little but not too much kind of like a marbling
where any to meet also if you watch closely here you can actually see the
wax turn back into a solid kind of cool once my wax was significantly solid I
came back with a card scraper and remove anything that spilled over the edge and
you can see in this shot that the wax actually sits below the top of the wood
and the reason for that is that I thought it would be easier to get
everything level with the planer rather than by hand and I'd rather remove the
wood with the plainer than wax going through the planer caused one little
blemish but luckily it's pretty easy to repair this stuff
and I can hear what you're thinking why not leave the cran wax low and do the
top in a clear resin or epoxy so I actually tried that on a test piece and
it ended up causing more problems at least for me what it ended up doing was
pulling up the wax entirely and I think you could get around that if you did a
really thick coat of epoxy but that would have a totally different look so
maybe for another day all right now let's turn this thing into a table or a
waterfall coffee table more specifically actually that might not be technically
correct but in any case a table where the grain stays consistent where it
transitions from top to leg and doing this is pretty simple to explain but
it'll be even easier with an animation so basically I'm going to cut a pair of
bevels where the legs meet the top then on one of the legs we'll flip it around
and back bevel it and then do the same to one end of the
top after that we can tilt our blade back up
to 90 degrees and cut our legs to their final length and then we can assemble it
all so this pretty much all went exactly as
planned except that cutting wood generates heat
and heat melts wax so this is where the one major blemish of this table occurred
but we'll try to fix that later try being the operative word there now this clamping situation might look a
little weird but what I'm doing is using the tape method that you seem to use
plenty of other times and then using a strap clamp and some squares to apply
pressure to make sure that the joints are at 90 degrees after it was dry I
came back and reinforced these with some dominoes and you could definitely get by
without this but I had an idea for an extra little color pop by shortening the
Domino's and bearing them below the surface and then filling the mortis with
some more current and while I'm doing that let's take a minute to think this
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description all right thanks expressvpn the next thing that I decided to do was
use my branding iron to deboss my logo and then I wanted to fill that up with
some more cracks turns out that sanding ruined that idea
I think it was just too shallow and thin after that I tried to fix the problem
area at the corner by melting some cran into it and then scraping it flat and
this didn't really work that said I don't doubt that it could I was sort of
worried about overworking things at this point so I figured best to just live
with the gap then to make things worse after that it was on the sanding and
finishing and when you stand it's gonna really dull the cran but after you put
on your maker brand simple finish with wax gonna come right back to life you one of the most important processes or
activities that enables growth at least in my opinion is experimentation that is
when you have an idea be it good or bad you have the luxury to
explore it and see where it might lead and that was something that was really
missing from my life a few months ago because I've working full time while
simultaneously trying to meet all the deadlines in my upload schedule I
couldn't really play with things basically knowing that any misstep could
set me back a couple of days meant that I couldn't afford myself any missteps in
other words the freedom to fail and of everything that's changed for me that
arguably could be the biggest difference maker in wherever I end up in a few
months or a few years from now it really feels like for the first time in my life
anything that I want to do or try a crayon special thanks to Josh Logue
Brent young Andrew Hayden Robin Mohamed andreas pallidus and the rest of my
patreon members for making these videos possible if it weren't for you I
wouldn't be able to do a lot of the things that I'm doing experimenting with
stupid ideas like melting crayons into a table I wouldn't have the confidence to
do it because I wouldn't have the freedom to fail so thank you for giving
me that freedom and if you want to find out how you can support the show too
just click the patreon link in the description and as always no pressure
alright thanks for watching thanks for subscribing and I'll see you in the next

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