Empuñadura para Camaras DSLR – DIY

hello everyone in this video we are going to see how to build a grip for our dslr camera the first thing we will need is a grip of the secret of any other equipment we will also need a tube and a small sheet metal in my case a tripod screw shoe adapter and a nut of the same diameter as the tripod screw the first thing to we are going to do it will be to measure the grip to know where we have to cut the tube and make a diagonal cut to it we will have to file a little to the surface to achieve a 90 degree angle between the two tubes we just cut now we hold it tight and the soldiers we fix the surface well and weld our angle to the plate once this is done we prepare the edges a little to have a better finish and we make some holes for the tripod screw to fit to finish with this piece we can paint it black to make it look like a more professional accessory now we have to put the handle on our piece as in my case the tube is very narrow to use rag tape so that fit well and so that it does not stand out too much paint the end with a permanent to finish with the handle we take the shoe adapter we put a thread on it we pass it through one of the holes according to the weight of the camera and fix it well with the other piece to use it, we only have to insert it into the our camera and tighten the bottom piece we already have our grip ready if we want we can also make a safe with a small rope and a carabiner is simply we have to cut about 8 inches of rope and tie a carabiner knot at each end this now we just have to secure our camera with a hard fingernail In this way, if we do not tighten the thread well, it escapes, we will prevent the camera from fall to the ground and we have everything ready this grip will not be very useful to be able to make our recordings with movement comfortably and avoiding too much shaking

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