Easy Wooden Bookmarks | Scrap Wood Project

this week i made a super easy one day project   making bookmarks out of scrap 
wood these are great for gifts i started by picking out a couple 
of scrap pieces of curly maple out   of a cutoff pile i had i also demolded a 
bookmark i made using some excess epoxy after i had all the pieces i wanted i took them 
over to my miter saw and squared off one end   i then used some old bookmarks that i 
hadn't finished to mark out where the   best location would be for the new 
ones i ended up making most of the   bookmarks roughly one and three quarter 
inches by seven and a half inches long i ripped them all down to width on my table saw i then use my band saw to resaw 
the thicker pieces into thin strips   next i cut them down to 
final length on my miter saw   because i had so many bookmarks and didn't want 
to stand forever i decided to use my planer to   get them down to their final thickness because 
my planer will not plane as thin as i needed   i glued them down to a super flat piece of 
plywood and then sent them all through at once this saved me a ton of time instead 
of having to feed them in one by one   the one mistake i made on this project was 
not playing them enough mine were probably   around 1 8 of an inch but i would suggest 
going down to closer to 1 16 before sanding hey after removing all the pieces from the 
plywood i used my belt sander to remove   any residue of glue left over and get them down 
a little thinner the last thing before finish   was to use some 240 grit sandpaper to knock off 
any sharp edges or rough areas on the live edge i applied a generous amount of cutting 
board mineral oil to all the bookmarks   giving them at least 20 minutes to soak it in 
before wiping it off i repeat this process twice   i said at the start of the video this project 
only took me one day and is great for gifts   i hope you enjoyed watching me make this 
project it was super fun and easy to do   if you enjoyed watching please 
consider subscribing as my   next week's video will be of a 
super cool epoxy coffee table   so you

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