Easy Raised Garden Beds // Outdoor Woodworking Project

hi I'm Steve at the Carmichael workshop today I'm going to make a quick and easy raised garden bed that measures 48 inches square and 11 inches tall let's head outside I'm making the raised garden bed out of these four eight foot two by sixes and this four foot section of 2×4 I also picked up a box of these three inch exterior screws and all this together totaled about twenty-five dollars at the Home Center now I'm using untreated lumber because this garden is going to have vegetables in it and I don't want chemicals leaching into the vegetables I estimate that this project is only gonna take about eight cuts so this is something you could do with a jig saw a circular saw or a handsaw but I'm gonna use my miter saw before you start cutting you'll want to measure your boards to make sure they're all the same length in this case I've got a little more than eight feet and that's okay I can incorporate that into the project you also want to check and make sure the end of the board is square and if it's not that extra material gives you some leeway so that you can cut it off and start with a square end on each board I'm measuring over forty nine and a half inches to make the cut that way I'll end up with four boards that are forty nine and half inches and four boards that are about forty six and a half inches two-by-sixes are actually five and a half inches wide so when I stack two on top of each other for the sides the bed's going to be 11 inches tall so I need to cut for 11 inch sections from this 2×4 for the corner braces I'm starting the assembly by putting together the two shorter sides of the bed so I've got two of the shorter 46 and a half inch boards and I'm going to attach them to two of the corner braces I'm just going to pre-drill and screw in two screws in the end of each board and in this step it can help you a lot down the road if you use a square that way you can make sure your square bed ends up being of square square since I'm using three inch screws and this is three inches thick there's a chance that the screw may poke out the other side if you drive it too deep you could file that off with a file that I enjoy just whacking it with a hammer now I'm going to repeat those steps for the other short side now I just need to screw the ends of the longer boards into the shorter sides and I just need to be careful to make sure that the screws that I put in from this direction don't collide with the screws that are already in there from this direction I'm also going to put a third screw here in each board that will make contact with this 2×4 well that's pretty much it for putting together one of these garden beds that wasn't so hard was it now I need to make two more of these and then I'm gonna take them outside to my wife and help her set them up because she's the master gardener around here all right I finished the three raised garden beds and got them out here and ready to go and my wife and daughter have already filled up two of them with soil and we've got one left to fill up and the way I built them the interior dimensions turned out to be forty six and a half inches square so roughly four feet by four feet so it takes about 16 cubic feet of soil to fill up each box as you can see my wife has already planted some tomato plants and put cages around them in this middle one we did use the we block fabric underneath to kill off the grass and block any grass or weeds from growing up through the garden and to finish it off I made a little sign with the x-carve and we are going to put some pine bark nuggets around the outside of the boxes to make it look a little nicer if you'd like to make some of these raised garden beds click the link in the video description below or the link up here to my website article where I will have some simple instructions a supplies list some photos and links to other videos on garden beds where you could get some more ideas also if you've built some of these before I'd love to find out in the comments below what type of wood used because here in Georgia my only choice is for a non treated wood were the to buy pine or I could have used cedar fence boards which I thought might be too flimsy and we also have western red cedar which is kind of expensive so please leave a comment and let me know what you think of this project click the like button and share this video with your friends and don't forget to follow me on all the social media networks as always thanks for watching and I'll see you next time you

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