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today I'm going to show you how I built
this easy but awesome bed platform with materials from your local home center I'm
going to start this project by building the outer frame I got four pieces of two
by twelves from my local Home Center and I started by making a small cut off the
ends of the boards to give them a fresh edge I then cut them all to length with
a circular saw this gives me the two sides the headboard and the footboard I
also cut one additional board that's gonna be the center support I then took
the boards over to my table saw and I cut them to wit this also took off the
rounded edge that a two by board normally has you could also do this with
a circular saw and a straight edge if you'd like to build this bed platform
yourself I have a set of plans linked down below which includes a material
list and a cut list these boards from the big-box stores often come with
factory stamp markings and scuffs so I used my belt sander and gave the outside
pieces a good rough cleanup sanding I designed the frame to come apart when it
needs to be moved and because of this I decided to join the boards together with
pocket holes and no glue pocket holes are a great way to join boards together
without fasteners being seen from the outside I then took one 2×4 and I cut it
right down the center to create the two side rails that will eventually support
the slats I cut them to link with my circular saw
and then I pre-drilled the holes where I'll attach them with screws these rails
can permanently attach to the side boards so I used glue here and then I
screwed them to the two side boards of my frame I then gave all the pieces a
final sanding with 220 grit before applying a finish I like to use a
water-based finish on light woods because it dries clear and it doesn't
cause light wood to yellow at this point the cuts for the frame were finished so
I could move it into its room and start assembling the platform I worked my way
through the corners and screwed them all together with pocket hole screws making
sure to keep everything super square boards often shift when assembling with
pocket hole screws so I clamped the corners to my squares to hold everything
tight with the outside assembled the center support can now be added again
using pocket holes to secure it this board is only as tall as the side rail
supports and this is so the rails will sit flat all the way across when I add
them the slats were really simple to create I used 1 by 4 boards and set up a
simple stop block at my miter saw to quickly cut them all to link I then laid them out across the platform
leaving space in between so the mattress could breathe this worked out great and
it was plenty strong to secure the slats I pre-drilled and countersunk holes and
then I screwed them to the rails sinking in the screws will help avoid any snags
on the mattress and with the rails in place this ez bed platform was done so that is it thank you so much for
watching and I hope you learned something from this video if you were
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