Easy Box Joint Jig | Quick Box Joints On Your Table Saw

In this video I'm going to show you how I 
made a jig to make box joints like this.   Stick around and subscribe if 
you're into that sort of thing Cut the slides to size. For my slides, I 
used oak for better wear resistance. They   should fit with no play but still be able to slide 
smoothly. They should sit just proud of the table. I laid down masking tape to prevent 
the CA glue from getting on the table   top when I glued the slides to the base. 
This just makes cleanup a little easier.

Cut the base to size. For the base I used 
half inch birch plywood you can also use   three quarter inch but I didn't think it 
was necessary and I didn't want to lose   that additional quarter inch of slot depth. 
I decided to cut mine to 12 by 16 inches. Once you have the base where you want 
it mark the location of the slides   then transfer to the bottom of the base. I used CA glue on the slides and 
sprayed the accelerator on the base   where I marked it pressed firmly 
and held it for 30 seconds or so.

Now remove the assembly then drill and 
countersink holes and screw down the slides. Now test for smooth sliding. Adjust if necessary.¬†¬† Now cut 1×2 and attach to the sides and the¬†
back of the base using glue and brad nails.   The fence should be cut a little 
long. You'll see why later.   You can clamp it on now to use as a 
reference when installing the other pieces Although I don't want to cover this in great 
depth in this video I felt it was worth showing   the process to install the dado set.

I switched 
back and forth a few times during this video. Temporarily install the fence using screws 
only. Countersink the holes like the rest.   Be sure not to have any screws in the 
middle where you'll be cutting the slot. Now, very slowly raise the dado blade 
into the jig and cut a slot through.   The slot should be cut the width you want the box 
joint cutouts to be. Mine is about half an inch. You will want the depth to be less 
than the thickness of the wood you   plan to use for your box joint I 
got excited and accidentally cut   mine too deep and had to reattach a 
new fence and do it all over again. Now remove the fence and cut an indexing 
pin to fit and slot you just made.   I made mine out of oak for wear 
resistance. The indexing pin should be   tight and glued in so you can cut 
off the excess after installing. Now set the fence back on the base and space the 
indexing pin away from the blade the same distance   as the width of the indexing pin.

You can use a 
cut off from when you made the pin as a spacer   mark the location of the 
indexing pin for reference.   Screw and brad nail the fence back on 
permanently. Keep the slides in the slats   on the table to ensure the jig stays put so it 
will slide smoothly after installing the fence Apply wood wax to the base and 
slides to help it slide smoothly. It's go time! Let's test this thing!   Set the depth of the datto by using a scrap 
piece of wood you plan to use for your box joint. Start with the board butted up against the pin   then just keep moving it over 
until you're done with that board.

Now flip that board around as a 
reference for the mating board. Hey guys thanks for watching my video hope you   enjoyed it please subscribe if you 
want to see more videos like this..

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