DYI: Sweet Dreams Wood Marquee Lights Headboard

hi today I'm going to build a real feel headboard on my penguin all right so this is all the stuff you need here's the plan we have a t-square safety glasses earplugs pencils speed square speed square measuring tapes wood glue some screws we are using inch screws and one and one-fourth screws jigsaw and a screwdriver also also a chop saw also a chop saw here I'm going to lay out what I need I have these three boards that are going to be the main headboard and then these are back on the site using one of these guys please and just move it around i'm using this to couplet board I got a longer one because it was cheaper and you just make sure the edges meet then I'm just going to draw a line right here like that and that is where I'm going to cut through the line I'm going to cut it conscious chop saw and then i'm using the rest to make one for the other side as well make sure this saw matches up to the line where you have it on this side after i chop this board from to get the other side just measure also um if you know all your measurements you can have your boards cut at Lowe's or Home Depot so you don't have to if you don't have us all like that you can cut it for you okay so we cut all the boards that we needed to side and just going to line up waking up to see we're enough cut everything i'm using this metal piece that was left over from our work cut put it in the middle for extra support and we're doubling up the sites too because we want to do a design on the edges so that's why we're doing the extra boards around the edges okay next we're gonna mark where we're going to put the biscuits we're using these to join the two pieces so we're going to insert them like this so where the boards meet that's where you want to mark where you want to put them and I'm just roughly estimating one on the side one in the middle and one more on this side and we're using the biscuit cutter that's where I made my mark earlier and I'm lining it up with that marker right there so see that little slot that is where we're going to add the little biscuit here and I join the other foot board hey I'm using wood glue this is just a random one I picked up at lowes it's tight bond original wood glue you're going to stick it into your biscuit cuts wait and you're going to take your biscuits and just stick it in okay so i put more glue on the other side of the board inside the biscuit cuts and i'm going to just join the best skit ok so now these are put together we're going to do the sides we're going to screw them down I'm going to trace out the design and we have this newspaper here this is our design we're going to draw it on the news paper first like that and then we're going to put that on top of the back of the head board so we can cut it out so now we have our stencil for our pretty border for the headboard there now I'm going to take a sharpie and use the design that we cut out and marking the board okay once you're done with your half you're going to flip it over wait do the same with by okay you want to stand on it to make sure the boards are tight together and then you're just going to screw in alright so I scoot and all the years I I'm gonna use a wood file i am going to trace sweet dreams amazing the projector and I disconnected the projector to my computer and add just going to use a regular pencil to trace it first because I could just fast-forward this okay i'm using a router now to make the edges a little bit more pretty and just going to do the outer edge and the inside this is obviously optional you I'm going to add some hearts here with the router just three little hearts I ended up using the back side of the board because I kind of like the character of the border so yeah now we're going to add design on the inside and outside with the router we have to add holes for the lights now so I'm going to mark it with a pencil first I'm drilling pilot holes first so pilot holes are just smaller holes and then we're going to go in with a bigger drill and drill it to size now I'm going to paint the sweet dreams onto the wood this one is acrylic latex for wood you you I brought it into my bedroom now and I'm just going to put those supporting beams I'm just going to screw it in are you recording okay that's it so the beams it's just going to stand up on these beans against the wall and then I just have to add the lights and we're almost done you so I put it up it looks awesome I love it it's kind of hard to see but it's so pretty I'll take a picture of it at night you

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